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Hello Friends

As I sit at my desk to compose this post, I'm reminded of the conclusion in my book, A Place Called Peace, where I share these words:
I sat down at my computer, and with a clear mind, I plugged away at the final chapters of my book. The second guessing was gone. My place of peace wasn't only in discovering who I am, but also in knowing what I was designed to do. During this journey of self-discovery, I learned true transformation comes when you accept the past, embrace the present, and move forward in your authentic future.
My own words resonate deeply with this current chapter of my life. In the summer of 2013, I was dealing with a medical issue, and found myself deeply unsatisfied with certain aspects of my life. However, one major part of myself still rang true - my desire to re-enter the fashion industry (I had been on a hiatus from the industry for many years). One morning, while my husband got dressed for work, I sat-up in bed, and with an excitement in my voice, I stated, 
"I'm going to start writing about fashion again, but through a blog." 
His curiosity was peaked. He looked at me and said, "Tell me more."
"I'm going to start a blog called, So What to Twenty. It's going to be my way of showing the fashion industry that women over the age of 20 are still viable and sexy."
And just like that, as my husband left for work, I took the steps to begin this blog. Initially, like many new bloggers, it took awhile before I developed a following of people. With the support of a very kind blogger named Elle of The Elle Diaries, she helped me navigate through the difficult terrain of cyber-world. I'll always be thankful to Elle. As my community grew, many of you found yourself taking a self-discovery journey with me; which ultimately led to my first book (mentioned above), A Place Called Peace. 

With A Place Called Peace came several opportunities to speak at a variety of events and conferences. One in particular, BAM (Bloggers at Midlife), was the gateway to a bevy of amazing unforeseen occasions in my journey:
  • Appearing on the Chico's website (twice), and having a year-long collaboration with the retail giant;
  • Writing for several publications as the style expert, including the behemoth - Thrive Global;
  • Collaborations with other retailers and labels;
  • Invited to several fashion shows, openings, and events;
  • Writing my second book, TRUE STYLE: A Look Beyond the Surface
  • The launch of my website STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison

Which brings me to my present day. Like I mentioned in the above excerpt from A Place Called Peace - During this journey of self-discovery, I learned true transformation comes when you accept the past, embrace the present, and move forward in your authentic future. It is time for me to move forward in my authentic future. Though So What to Twenty was a part of my past and present, I'm announcing today, that she will not be a part of my future. Though I say Hello to you (after returning from my summer holiday), So What to Twenty is also saying Goodbye.

Yes, I'm bidding a farewell to my friend of over 5 years. Though I care for her deeply, recently, I have begun to feel like I'm using our relationship as a crutch. I feel like I've been hobbling along - too afraid to place my entire weight and strength into my wants and dreams. A crutch, though it may be able to assist to a certain degree, in order for me to reach my true north, I can no longer rely on it to get me where I'm going. I must release it and journey further using my full capabilities.

In the summer of 2017, if you recall, I took a creative sabbatical. When I returned, I announced the launch of the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website. With the launch came new opportunities which are even more aligned with my directional compass - to reach, teach, and inspire women on their journey to discovering their true STYLE. The website is a part of my motivation to educate on the true understanding of STYLE - Because there's more to STYLE than just getting dressed.

The website is bright, peppy, and alive.  When you log on, you're greeted with uplifting music and the now famous "Glenda" poised at her desk...laptop open, and clothing rack in the foreground. Because Glenda is multi-faceted. She is both a stylist and a writer. So as I move forward in my authentic future, I want you, my dear friends, to take this journey with me. While we say Goodbye to So What to Twenty, we can now truly embrace, and say Hello to The DIG.

The DIG launched quietly with the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website (thank you to all the people who already subscribed), and is a lifestyle blog designed specifically for women who seek a deeper understanding of STYLE. The tag line states, "Dedicated to unearthing your true style."

Here are the important Questions - Answered
  1. Will there be fashion at The DIG? Yes, there will be fashion posts, along with a variety of other lifestyle posts which are curated for a woman who seeks to have a life lived in full bloom. 
  2. Why not simply change the So What to Twenty name to The DIG? Because The DIG is an entirely separate entity, and has her own unique personality. Also, The DIG belongs to my domain and isn't a part of blogspot. 
  3. Will I be able to subscribe to The DIG via Bloglovin? No, I have chosen to remove my Bloglovin account. I prefer to keep the The DIG subscription service through Feedburner and not an outside entity.
  4. What will happen to the So What to Twenty Facebook Group? It will also say Goodbye😢
  5. Will there be a The DIG Facebook Group? No, I will not have a stand alone page for Fragrant Pages. However, there is an active Facebook page for STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison ⇠ to join the page.
  6. Will So What to Twenty disappear immediately? No, I will leave it up for a few months before removing it permanently.
  7. Will The DIG fashion posts still have clickable links to shop? On occasion there will be clickable shopping links. 
  8. How do I subscribe to The DIG? When you head over to the blog, you'll see the Feedburner box where you'll be able to enter your email address to subscribe.
  9. Is there an email list for STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison? Yes, you can subscribe to the email list and receive occasional information by clicking here ⇢ STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison.

I know some of you may feel sad by this change, and may select to not continue on with me. I completely understand, change isn't always easy, and a part of me is also a little sad. However, I'm also very excited about this new road that points to my true north. If you elect to end the journey here and not join me at Fragrant Pages, I want to say thank you so much for putting So What to Twenty on your weekly reading agenda. Your support and kindness will always be remembered.


As I always concluded my posts...

Stay True,


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