The Shade of Gray

"When I think of gray, my mind reflects on the soft and restrained, like the mist from the sea; gentle cascades created by a waterfall; 
or the morning's dawn"
Glenda K. Harrison on the shade of gray

The formidable sun had yet to burn its way through the morning haze. I was thankful. The soft gray sky managed to keep the Southern California temperature at bay. Perfect for a morning stroll around one of my favorite meditative locations called Dos Lagos (two lakes). It is here, with the sound of the waterfall as my symphony, I lose myself in peace.   

On this day, dressed in an easy, gray, faux suede dress and woven hat, I blend effortlessly with my organic surroundings. The mood is serene. It is early, and only a few are milling about; most enjoying what I too came here to enjoy - the shower from the waterfall, and the quiet movement from the two lakes. Enjoy the pictures, and I hope they put you in a reflective mood.

With its earthy subtlety, the shade of gray is often overlooked for summer, and is relegated to colder months. I, on the other hand, find gray rather comforting to wear for the warm months. When I'm in the mood for a non-color, gray hits the spot with its neutrality. And, like its extreme cousins in the reflection of light family (black and white), gray can be accompanied with any shade in the color spectrum. Imagine it, if you would, with pink, yellow, orange, turquoise...the list is endless. Or, like I have chosen, allow gray to be the star of the show.

Ultra Faux Suede Off-the-Shoulder Dress: Courtesy of Dolce Blossom Boutique
Gray Woven Hat: Courtesy of Dolce Blossom Boutique
Call to Order: (909)680-7820 - Pacific Standard Time

If you haven't heard, I'm the resident Style Expert for Dolce Blossom Boutique - the retail space with the community vibe. On July 14, 2018, Dolce Blossom Boutique is hosting a Summer Style Soiree benefiting Dress for Success Riverside. This summer evening of style and jazz is sure to put the sizzle into your summer. What you can expect to see and experience at the boutique space is a combination of textures, styles, and the collaborations of artistic expressions, which are sure to tickle your senses.

The Summer Style Soiree is the collaboration effort between Dolce Blossom Boutique, myself Stylist-Glenda K. Harrison, and Makeup Expert - Gina R. Farrar. Sip, Shop, and receive Style tips while enjoying the soothing jazz sounds from the Sean Harrison Trio (my son😃). A portion of all ticket sells will help support the efforts of Dress for Success Riverside.

Nestled in the beautiful city of Claremont at 216 West Foothill Blvd., Claremont, CA. For more information (909)680-7820. Event takes place from 6pm - 9pm on July 14, 2018. Pre-ticket sells = $20 and qualifies you entrance into the giveaway valued at $60. I would love to meet you in person!

Also, if you're in the area, be sure to pop into Dolce Blossom Boutique, they're having 20% off on select necklaces!

Stay True,
Glenda XoX
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