One quiet evening I decided to engage in a bit of online window shopping on eBay. For some reason, memories of my mother sporting a muumuu popped into my head. She wore her muumuus for more than just laying around the house. She had the uncanny ability to transform them by adding accessories and the right shoe and handbag.

Since I was a huge fan of my mother's retro wardrobe, without reservation, I typed vintage caftan/muumuu into the eBay search bar. I was pleasantly surprised by the many options to choose from. After scrolling for some time, my eyes landed on the one I'm wearing in this post. The label read, Ramona Rull. I hadn't heard of the designer, so I immediately did my homework. Apparently, Rull was a creator of caftans/muumuus during the 60s and 70s, and had a hankering for animal and tribal prints. Sold! I pushed the "By Now" button and made it mine.

Was my craving for a muumuu/caftan based on my need for lounge-wear? No, not in the least. I happen to love transforming the unexpected into a clever ensemble to wear out on the town. Next week I'm attending an exhibit opening at FIDM and I plan on wearing my new vintage find. One of the cool aspects about being in the fashion industry is having the ability to buck the fashion status quo. Isn't that wild!?

Stay to the end of this post. I was featured on the She Stories Website!

Wearing a tribal, zebra-esque, Ramona Rull caftan/muumuu with batik, gold threading and sequin detailing, dated from somewhere between the 60s/70s, with pockets! Isn't it wild!? I highlighted the dress with gold-toned jewelry, suede tie-up sandals and a suede clutch.

If you're now interested in a Ramona Rull vintage caftan/muumuu, click → eBay or etsy ← to begin your adventure. Happy Shopping!



In April I was invited to tell my story at a She Stories (She Stories is an organization dedicated to the empowerment and inspiration of women) event.  The subject was Love Your Body. Love Yourself. Since the speaking engagement, I'm now featured on the She Stories website! Stop over to read the feature and to discover more about this thriving community.

Friends, I hope you're enjoying this month-long look into vintage. If you missed the past posts, you can reconnect here:

I'll return next week with another style story. Be sure to follow me on 🌻Instagram🌻 I'll be sure to show images and footage from the fashion exhibit I'm attending. In the meantime...

Stay True,
Glenda XoX
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  1. I wouldn't have put this in the category of a muumuu. This is gorgeous.


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