Vintage Fusion

When it comes to wearing vintage, the question I'm often asked is, "How do you wear it without looking dated?" My response has always been, "The trick is to fuse the vintage with the modern."

Sure, there are some people who prefer to wear head-to-toe vintage, which, in my opinion, is very difficult to pull-off without looking like you are stuck in a time-warp or too costumey. Click to Tweet → A great vintage piece should be the star of your outfit. Everything else should be the co-stars.  In other words, it's not good to have too many cooks in the kitchen. It just becomes convoluted.

Recently I was gifted a lovely cardigan from Lazelle Vintage ←I encourage you to follow her on Instagram to see her other vintage finds. When the owner, Latasha Ball, told me she wanted to send me this heavenly piece, it was love at first sight. Beautifully constructed, strawberry pink, jeweled neckline with satin trim from an era that coincided with superior details. The inside label, which boasted the name, Robinson's, instantly took me back to my youth, when my mother and I spent many Saturday afternoons shopping (learn more about Robinson's). Rarely did we exit the store empty handed. 

My vintage fusion outfit consists of my sweater paired with a maxi skirt that was made by my sister, a basic white tank top, and an extra pop of color in a yellow skinny belt. Since the sweater is bright and feminine, I wanted to keep that feel for my entire outfit. The yellow skinny belt may seem daring, but it coordinates with the color story, and it's just an added touch of whimsy. I chose to keep my jewelry minimal to not clash with the jeweled neckline.

The History
As I researched the label, I discovered a website 🌻Vintage Vixon🌻 that gave wonderful details about the origin and time period in which the sweater was created. I learned it most likely was created between the 1950 and 1960's; a time when Hong Kong was colonized by Britain, and women preferred Asian imports because of their superior finishing and bead work.

The bead work is absolutely stunning, but as I explored more about my new sweater, I discovered another hidden treasure - even the side vents have hidden closures! And though I only have the first two closures closed, so the sweater can be worn not as a cardigan, the sweater has hidden hooks from the top to the bottom hem.


I hope you enjoyed this week's style story, and my mini-series on vintage.  Stay connected for next week's style story called - A Walk on the Wild Side. If you missed the first post dedicated to vintage, go to

Stay True,
Glenda XoX
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  1. Great color combo! Love me some vintage!

  2. Love this outfit on You and that cardigan is TDF.

    1. Thank you Neti! It's even more TDF in person.

  3. Glenda,
    I saw this on Instagram and was delighted. These colors are beautiful together and the details of that cardigan is superb . Beautifully done as always. What an inspiration you are!

    1. Thank you so much, Elle! I really enjoyed putting the look together. The cardigan is so pretty. I'm excited to wear it with so many other items.


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