Vintage Adventure

There are several elements that can capture the vintage lovers heart. For myself, there are three reasons why I hold true to shopping vintage:
#1 - Expansion: Being able to create a wardrobe with items that vacillate between a variety of decades. 
#2 - Nostalgia: Creating a new story with something that was once loved by another. 
#3 - Individuality: You won't see yourself coming and going.
I understand vintage isn't for everyone, but for others, it's an entirely unique subculture. Whenever I go on a vintage adventure, I take great pleasure in scoping out the other individuals whom also take part in the activity. The verve is intoxicating. There's sheer rush in hunting for that special treasure that will make your heart sing, "Oh my gosh, are those sunglasses 1960s Courrèges?' Indeed they are, and the attendant has the certificate of authenticity and the history to prove it.

As you give the item closer observation, the attendant shares tidbits that further your fondness for your new discovery, "They were once owned by Lee Radziwill." Holy Crap...Really?! Now, all you can do is imagine the sunglasses combined with your modern wardrobe, and each time you adorn the sunnies, you think of the commonality you and one of the chicest women in the world now share - your mutual admiration for Courrèges eye wear. 

For this week's style story, I'm draped in a maxi dress from the 1970s. Though it hasn't been formally authenticated, the dress is very reminiscent of a Gunne Sax. Whoever it's maker, I absolutely adore wearing it. Inevitably, I receive lots of compliments, from young and old, when wearing it. 

I've paired the dress with a variety of modern accessories that still have a feel from another era in time: A rose colored faux shearling clutch, wrap around sandals, large hoop earrings, and patchouli essential oil. All items (including the dress), with the exception of the essential oil, were purchased from eBay - a virtual treasure trove a unique, vintage finds.

This photo shoot takes place in the courtyard of a local antique/vintage shop called the Ivy House that's adjacent to Dolce Blossom Boutique. Enjoy!


I'm obsessed with this chair. Will someone buy it for me? Please.
Lip color is Merlot by the Lip Bar

If you haven't considered vintage shopping as a means to build your  wardrobe, I highly encourage you to do so. Not only will you add layers of interest, but you'll also support the earth buy giving a home to something once loved by another. It's great to recycle♽  

Stay True,
Glenda XoX
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  1. Girlfriend! Yes! Yes! Yes! Too..i this dress and vintage wardrobe.. you know my motto..I love it on you.

    1. You're the queen in finding vintage treasures, Jamala! Thank you my friend.

  2. Simply beautiful Glenda! Love the dress and the pictures are amazing!

  3. I love some vintage clothes. When you find a "find" it is so cool! I have a 60's silk dress, don't know the provenance but it was a bit frayed at the seams and my dry cleaner would not clean it. I delicate washed it and good as new. I wore it to an outdoor wedding on a blistering hot afternoon and had to leave early because I was sweating through the dress. Lined silk does not wick sweat!

    1. The joy when you do find "it" is wonderful. Oh my, I avoid silk on hot days for that very reason. The soaking and the sticking. Not a pretty situation to be in.

  4. Such a pretty dress. I used to shop vintage when I lived in Missouri, but quit when I moved to Georgia. I miss finding unique pieces...

    1. Thank you Daenel!
      Why did you quit when you moved to Georgia?

  5. You look Fantastic my Dear. Enjoy. . .

    1. Thank you, Neti!! I feel fantastic whenever I wear this dress.


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