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If you haven't noticed, the continent of Africa has become quite the inspiration for the fashion industry. Perhaps because of the stellar Marvel box office hit, Black Panther and his homeland of Wakanda, or maybe because of the industries mass interest to lasso fast-fashion in order to bring sustainability to the forefront. Whatever the reasons, one can't ignore the overwhelming onset of everything out of Africa.

African influences seem to ebb and flow from our fashion lives; usually peppered with the use of fabrics inspired by kente cloth, and "tribal" accessories. However, with this current movement, what has been brought to the forefront is the Africa where style consists of traditional native apparel and accessories that have been combined with mainstream fashion houses. What you get is a formidable ability to show ones pride in heritage, while still rocking designs from other influences.

For today's style story, I take a traditional outfit of full denim skirt and cotton button-up shirt, paired with accessories that are both inspired by and straight out of Africa.  

*Stay tuned for a video by British Vogue under the helm of Edward Enninful

About the Accessories:
🌻My sandals are inspired from the beauty of the traditional African Burkina slide - usually recognized by the use of colorful fabric tied into a bow.

🌻The necklace was made in Kitale Kenya, by a group of women in an effort to create sustainability. The necklace is created from recycled magazines, so not only is it earth-friendly, but it provides income for its maker. 

🌻The wicker handbag with the wooden closure was selected to represent the long-going African tradition of basket weaving.

Outfit Details
Denim Skirt - via eBay
Wicker Handbag - via eBay
Check out the selection of Burkina slides at Brother Vellies. Brother Vellies practices sustainability. All the shoes and accessories are made by actual artisans in South African, Kenya, Morocco, and Ethiopia
Necklace - Dolce Blossom Boutique (call to order 909.680-7820)

Look closely at the necklace. You can see the actual print from the magazines.

Stay True,
Glenda XoX

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  1. Sometimes it's the simplest outfits that say so much. Lovely, Glenda. I'm so happy that ethnicity is becoming more a part of fashion. We really haven't seen this since the '70's. What a wonderful way to bring our world and all its different cultures happily closer together.

    1. I completely agree, Connie. I appreciate and love wearing items from other cultures. I also enjoy discovering more about the background of pieces too :)

    2. Your look is so minimal but easy - very relatable! And the video you shared is in keeping with your clean aesthetic. I loved how natural the models looked wearing almost no makeup.

      I have a lot of wonderful African art and objects that I've held back because the market undervalued them. I think that's about to change, thanks to Black Panther.

    3. Mithra, its so sad consumers don't recognize the beauty and exceptional quality from Africa.


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