Fashion Personality (part 6 of 6): the Seductress

We've reached the end!!

Welcome to the final portion of the Fashion Personality series - part 6 of 6! The purpose of this series was to introduce you to the 6 basic personalities I discuss with my Harmony Approach clients, and to give understanding on how knowing yourself is the open gateway into having true style. For this week's style story, I introduce you to the Seductress personality. But first, allow me to reiterate the meaning and scope of the term - Fashion Personality:
What is Fashion Personality? In laymen terms, it means to dress in a way that expresses who you are. However simple the definition may be, the idea of dressing to express who you are requires just that...knowing who you are. In this hyper-voyeuristic world we currently live in, it becomes easy to adopt from others without considering our own depth of layers - layers that shouldn't be concealed, rather, when carefully unearthed, will reveal a beautiful tapestry about the person.
When I think of the Seductress fashion personality, two words come to  mind -  Sexy and Provocative. Where the Romantic personality is centered around romance and love, the Seductress leans more toward coquettish temptation. This fashion type is defined by having a way of dress that is flirtatious, body boldness, and very sensual. 

Out of the six personalities I presented in this series, the Seductress is the furthest from my personal style. Therefore, because I didn't have an outfit to demonstrate, I elected to create a look via Polyvore, and to provide you with two celebrities whom I feel master the style of the Seductress: Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. When done with a higher level of fashion integrity, the Seductress manages to look alluring, rather than lewd or trashy. She doesn't mind having all eyes on her, and considers her curves as one of her greatest assets.


Jennifer Lopez

A quick look inside the Seductress personality:
  • Style of dress usually emphasizes their curves
  • 'Va Va Voom' is the mantra  
  • Appreciates clothing that shows more than a hint
  • Sexuality oozes from their pores
  • No matter what the Seductress chooses to wear, there is always a coquettish effect to it
  • Sexy is the buzz word 

Kim Kardashian

Thank you so much for joining me in this series. I had a lot of fun presenting the information to you, so I hope you enjoyed taking it all in. Later this week I will present a followup after-glow on the subject. In the meantime...

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