Fashion Personality (part 4 of 6): the Romantic

Welcome to part 4 of a 6-part series on Fashion Personality! The purpose of this series is to introduce you to the 6 basic personalities I discuss with my Harmony Approach clients, and to give understanding on how knowing yourself is the open gateway into having true style. For this week's style story, I introduce you to the Romantic personality. But first, allow me to reiterate the meaning and scope of the term - Fashion Personality:
What is Fashion Personality? In laymen terms, it means to dress in a way that expresses who you are. However simple the definition may be, the idea of dressing to express who you are requires just that...knowing who you are. In this hyper-voyeuristic world we currently live in, it becomes easy to adopt from others without considering our own depth of layers - layers that shouldn't be concealed, rather, when carefully unearthed, will reveal a beautiful tapestry about the person.
The exactitude of Romantic can be hard to clearly define. What is deemed romantic for some, may not ring true for others. The meaning of romantic is conducive to or characterized by the expression of love. The word can also represent an idealized view of reality. When I consider the word, and its correlation to fashion, I am taken to a place of heart-felt sentiments, nostalgia, and an interpretation of ones feminine prowess. 

When considering the Romantic fashion personality, some may instantly gravitate towards the ubiquitous flowery drapes of fabric in pastel hues. Then there is the romantic who may don an ensemble that's a clever mix of whatever makes them feel romantic. This can be anything that brings about those emotions of sentiment, nostalgia, and of course, femininity - As I demonstrate in today's style story.

Though I wear a pair of cropped jeans, my look still moves within the description of Romantic. Denim anchors a vintage sheer lingerie top that cascades off my shoulders and gives a veiled look at what lies beneath, a shawl to provide warmth on chilly days, a pair of unique and uber feminine pumps with raffia floral details, and delicate jewelry. I feel myself...laid-back, positively pretty, and 100% Glenda.


A quick look inside the Romantic personality:
  • Lifestyle is often lived within social graces and proper decorum
  • 'In love with love' is the mantra  
  • Appreciates items with a nostalgic quality, like a bequeathed brooch, or other treasures with meaning or sentimental value. 
  • Enjoys little details and hidden gems in merchandise and life 
  • Love is the buzz word 

The man behind the lens - my love.
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Stay True,
Glenda XoX

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  1. This is such a lovely style for you, Glenda. I feel that anything that harkens back to the past is romantic.

    1. Thank you, Connie. I agree on the past as romantic. An old song, a scent, so many things bring those lovely romantic feelings.


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