Hat Trick

Recently I had the pleasure of re-imagining my best friend, in a variety of different accessories, during a live STYLE event at Sundappled Boutique. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hair clips, handbags, and more were carefully placed to create new looks. However, there was one accessory the majority of attendees rarely considered when getting dressed. Yep, the hat. Each time I placed the perfect hat upon my friends head, I listened as the ladies made certain comments - 
"Ooo, the hat is the trick. It really ties the outfit together!"
The hat, in my opinion, is often cast aside like a neglected stepchild...rarely considered and often ignored. I am no stranger to wearing hats, and, over the years, have developed quite a collection. I view hats as the trick to adding interest to an ensemble. Hats are there for those who are brave enough to stand out, and don't mind inquisitive glances. They're adventurous, mysterious, slightly coquettish, and add a definite exclamation point to any style story. 

I hope you enjoy the images, and I'll meet you below in the comment section.

Outfit Details: This look was created from items I've had in my wardrobe for some time. Sorry, there are no shopping links available. The hat was from Sundappled Boutique; shawl and mixed-media pants were from Chico's.

Here are the important factors when selecting the proper hat for your ensemble...
  1. Hats shouldn't be an after-thought. Rather, a hat is one of the main ingredients when pulling a look together.
  2. The hat needs to match the theme of your look. In other words, if wearing a Southwestern inspired outfit, the hat must also be Southwestern inspired. If not, you'll be left with an outfit that seems like a mistake.



I hope you enjoyed today's look. Please share with me your thoughts on wearing hats. I'd love to read your responses. Explore more of my hat inspired looks at the following posts:

Until next time, my friends...
Stay True,
Glenda XoX

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  1. I love the new blog design, the music scared me at first, but thankfully, I was home and not at work when I opened the blog page - lol

    1. Hi Antionette, you must have visited my website with the music :) Thank you. I love the music.

  2. Can't do hats! Lack the confidence. Plus I have such thick hair, they don't stay put. But you! I bet you were born with a hat. Maybe a bolero if I had to guess.

    1. Ha, how inquisitive of you, Mithra! Yes, a bolero...or a Rancher...or a Fedora, etc.

  3. Love it! You look great Glenda! 😊

  4. You wear a hat like no other and I love the shawl too. Enjoy!


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