Light my path so I'll know which way to go.

The prayer I begin each day with. Though it may seem like a simple request, for someone like myself - a person carving her unique path, a light shown ahead is a welcomed resource. When my directional light shines, the path I'm directed to take can seem daunting, and yet, I take comfort in knowing my beacon always leads me into a place of tremendous growth and renewal. 

If you recall, for 2018, I have dubbed this as the year to 🌻Blossom🌻 and oh, how it has already begun to manifest. In order for a seed to blossom, it needs the sun, and a dose of courage. Through a mutual friend/connection, I was introduced to the owners of a local boutique called Sundappled - a place where good vibes flow, the work of local artisans is the merchandise, women are placed in the forefront, and community is the driving source of inspiration. I immediately felt welcomed in this space. I knew I was led somewhere special.

The positive vibes were felt mutually, so Sundappled invited me to to bring my latest workshop to their customers, and to partner with them on upcoming projects...
  1. A Saturday brunch on February 24th, where I'll bring my platform to their customers, for a two hour event. More on this as time draws near. 
  2. Second, today is the launch  the Sundappled e-commerce store! You don't have to live in the area to enjoy their unique collection of artisan merchandise. Check-out their new website and pick-up something special just for you.
To kick-off this occasion, today I'm wearing one of their unique, artisan tunic dresses. While we were meeting in the boutique, I was attracted to its vibrant pattern, that reminds me of the beautiful shapes and colors you see when you aim your old fashioned kaleidoscope towards the sun. Enjoy the images, and stay to the end. There's more!


I look forward to this relationship that's built around the spirit of creativity and female empowerment. It feels unbelievably right...authentic. I've always been an advocate for the arts, and of celebrating one's own uniqueness. This feels like home. After you watch the below video from Sundappled Boutique, you'll understand what I mean by good vibes. By the way, they mention yours truly at around 11:50ish.

Now, my friends, pop over to Fragrant Pages, at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison, for your continued dose of life inspiration in a short post called...

Stay True,

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  1. Marsha and Vanessa are beautiful! Their smiles, their enthusiasm, their gorgeous hair. So glad you are collaborating with them. Perfect match! Way to keep us all on our toes, Glenda!

    1. Hi Mithra, these ladies have such beautiful spirits. I'm so thankful they have welcomed me :)


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