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I'm beginning this week with a short post to keep you up-to-date on my current activities. First, let me ask you this - Is HAVING STYLE equivalent to BEING IN STYLE? If you agree, then what would be the cost for HAVING STYLE? I discuss this and more in my latest article, The Personification of STYLE, published on Thrive Global. It's a quick read that I believe you will enjoy...

Second, you may recognize the below flier. This is the announcement for my very first virtual workshop called, The Big Secret Your Shopping Habits Reveal About You. This FREE course will go live on February 7, 2018 and will remain live until March 7, 2018 on the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website. Therefore you'll have an entire month to take part in this information, at a time that's convenient for you. 

You'll leave this workshop with a better understanding of your relationship with clothing, and how your thoughts on getting dressed, mimic your views on style. This workshop was designed to kick-start your journey into finding your personal harmonious style (includes a FREE downloadable course workbook).


This workshop is exclusively for the eyes of STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website subscribers. Unfortunately, being a subscriber to So What to Twenty won't gain access into the workshop. Here's Why...
  • My subscription service doesn't take highly to spammers. Therefore, it is against their policy for me to add people to a subscription list without their permission. 
  • It is my intention to capture people who are very interested in their journey to unearthing their style. I don't want to assume that because you follow So What to Twenty, you are also interested in the information dispersed via STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison
If this workshop sounds interesting to you, and you would like to take the course, here is your link to sign-up...

Enjoy your week, and stay tuned for my next Style Story coming Thursday, February 1st!

Stay True,

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