A fedora perched higher upon the head; the sleeves on a layered sweater rolled above the elbow; fishnet hose with platform sandals; and not your typical belt... 

I woke with the urge to be a tad bit adventurous with my outfit. On occasion, I enjoy taking a trip down Adventure Lane. On this day, an outfit peppered with a few surprises - there are no competing factors, just a mix of playful, unexpected pieces that add personality to an otherwise basic ensemble, which began as white top with black skirt.

When the look finally came together, I was reminded of an androgynous Cuba during the 1950s - marked by the swagger of a fedora wearing male, the sultriness of the female, bold colors, a mixture of Afro-Latin culture, and an individuality that made their outfits come alive.

Here are the secrets to successfully adding surprises to your outfit...
🌻First: There must be cohesion without distraction. Like I stated above - an outfit peppered with a few surprises - there are no competing factors, just a mix of playful, unexpected pieces that add personality to an otherwise basic ensemble. In other words, all the pieces play nice together, and not one is trying to steal the spotlight. 

🌻Second: The surprise must make sense. They have to make sense to the overall big picture of the outfit, otherwise, the surprise will look like an awkward attempt at trying to be clever, or just completely wrong.
If you want to have an outfit where there are many competing factors, I advise you to proceed with caution...

There are some individuals, like Iris Apfel, who are able to pull this off without a hitch. But let me reiterate, Iris has mastered this type of dress, and it has become her signature style. She is a woman who had a prosperous career in design and textiles, and knows how to translate multiple factors into one amazing look.

 I'm sharing more style secrets in my upcoming virtual workshop...

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Outfit Details: 
This ensemble is a mixture of old and new, but mostly old. 
The newer items are as follows:
The yellow sweater was caught on clearance at Loft and is no longer available. 
Here is another Loft sweater option: Shirttail Sweater
Courtesy of Chico's - Metallic Gold-tone Pouch: with stick-on initial "G"

Here's another surprise...

If you missed the news, I now have a second blog on my STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website called Fragrant Pages - A sweetly scented place to Blossom into your personal best. Part of my passion is to inspire people through my writings. That is why I have two blogs - So What to Twenty  and Fragrant Pages. When you make the two blogs a part of your weekly reading schedule, you'll discover they mirror one another. So What to Twenty is more focused on style stories, while Fragrant Pages delves even deeper into that conversation. Both spots are created to encourage you on your journey, and it is my hope that you'll walk away from them feeling uplifted. 

You can easily access Fragrant Pages via the connected page above. Simply click the Fragrant Pages tab and it'll take you directly there. In today's post at Fragrant Pages, I'm sharing my thoughts on the best way to respond when someone is sharing a happy surprise in their life, in Put Your Pin Away.

Stay True,

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