Hello my beautiful friends, and Happy New Year!!

Welcome back to another year with So What to Twenty and my newest baby - STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. I most surely had a lovely holiday. I hope you did as well. As always, I used the season to release myself from my blogging schedule so I could take care of myself, and spend precious time with family. I'm happy to announce - It all went according to plan. Time was well spent. Indeed I did bask in the most amazing quality time EVER - walks around the park, trying new recipes and restaurants, conquering new territories in the gym, shopping for vintage vinyls (Santa gave me a turntable for Christmas), journal and prayer each morning, and dwelling on a word that stayed in my spirit the entire time, and is my theme word for twenty-eighteen - Blossom.

With every new year, I stay away from making resolutions I have no intentions of keeping, in favor of selecting a word or statement that drops in my spirit. Last year, New Beginnings was my motto, and boy did it ring true. I discovered that new beginnings also meant I had to rid myself of old subjects so that I could start anew. Which isn't always an easy thing to do. If you were with me during this past summer, you know I took the entire summer off for a creative sabbatical. I took this time because I felt myself growing disinterested in the conversation typically associated with being an online fashion personality. It was time for me to change my conversation. And so I did with the launch of STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison - Because there's more to STYLE than just getting dressed.

As they grasp hold of my dress, I feel so much a part of the blossoms that surround me

Which leaves me here, in this place of patiently waiting for myself and the new conversation to blossom. A conversation that isn't solely based on getting dressed, but factors in the entire woman. Often, we plant a seed, and we hope for instantaneous results without considering the precious events that take place beneath the earth. As I spent time in contemplation of Blossom, I discovered how important it is to nurture the seed before it actually blooms. If I treat the seedling right, it will provide the most beautiful of blossoms.  

As I begin to lift myself from beneath the earth, my heart rejoices in anticipation of what's to come. I'm glad to be back with you to share my knowledge into the world of STYLE. There are so many interesting adventures in store. Stay with me. If you haven't elected to stay in touch with the new website, I highly encourage you to do so so you'll be privy to information that no one else will have access too. To begin our unearthing journey, I have a new feature at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison, a blog called Fragrant Pages. The first post called, Beneath the Earth, gives further insight into the idea of Blossom. Also, be sure to download your FREE copy of The Key to Having a Life in Harmony. Links are below:

Now, on to the outfit for the day. The week I returned to my blog photo shoots, the weather was in the 80s, clear and sunny. This light and airy chiffon dress is comfortable and coquettish, and is from a couple years back. It was purchased for a post called, Optimistic + Announcement. Click HERE to read that post. The dress is a favorite of mine because of its rich sunburst hue. And although the dress is soft and ultra feminine, it ranks high on the flirty scale (Caution: Legs on display). The perfect dress to represent life, optimism and blossoming.

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Thank you again for choosing to connect with me. I am truly honored, and thankful to be able to share my knowledge with you on a continual basis. Remember, it starts as a dream. Nurture the dream, and it will blossom into a reality.

Stay True,

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  1. That is a very apt word tou chose: blossom. Congratulations. 2018 is off to a good start with tou. That yellow dress is such a display of joy and femininity. Cannot believe it is 80 degrees at your place. It is boots and thick coats here in Holland. Luckily no snow or ice.
    Happy New Year dear Glenda.

    1. Happy New Year, dear Greetje! The winter hasn't yet begun here in Southern California. Perhaps it will arrive late...if at all. Each time I slide into this dress, it has come to represent a positive move in my life. Thank you for your very kind words. Bundle up and enjoy your Holland winter.

  2. Beautiful sunny yellow! Love the "Dream" bracelet too.

  3. You look divine in yellow and blossom is an excellent choice for your motto for the year. This year I'm also taking on the idea of using a motto as a motivating force but I think that I will define a different one for each month so as to keep it fresh throughout the year. It sounds like you have a wonderful holiday season and I hope that the year to come is full of joy and prosperity for you.


    1. Thank you Rena. This dress is a favorite of mind and represents many positive points in my journey. The word kept dropping in my soul while I was on my self-care break. I knew it was for me. Let me know how your monthly word works out. I'm curious to know. For myself, it is always interesting to take value in how the word or statement rung true.

  4. Your look flirty yet girly and I love this yellow number on you. You are truly blossoming. . .

    1. Thank you Neti! And that's exactly how I felt :)

  5. Weloomed back sunshine!
    You were missed!
    Surely you are keeping to your theme of blossoming in this airy and bright dress, love the glimpse of leg, too, why not!!
    Happy 2018
    Wishing you a joyous and healthy year!

    1. Thank you Elle and Happy New Year! Yes indeed...Why not show some leg :)

  6. What a divine way to begin a new year.. you picked the perfect word "Bloosom".. Life is always evolving and we always seek to grow more with past lessons.. and once we reach the peek of knowledge, then do we feel it's time to "blossom" out of our inner shell and let the life we seek truly bloom. You have been such an inspiration to me and I truly look forward to seeing more of whats in store. I love this post and the you picked the most beautiful outfit to speak of this. Peace and blessings to you my friend.

    1. Jamala, you are an inspiration to me as well. One morning I scrolled through your feed while showing my husband all the incredible transformations you've done with home decor. This year we are wanting to revamp our kitchen. We live in a cottage styled home and want it to keep the same feel. The words you wrote - once we reach the peek of knowledge, then do we feel it's time to "blossom" out of our inner shell and let the life we seek truly bloom - powerful. Thank you my friend.

  7. I love how diaphanous that dress is and how it allows just a hint of your silhouette underneath. I hope the next year is sunnier for both of us because I know we are ready to burst into bloom! xoxo

    1. I never wish to go up against you in a game of Scrabble, yet, I love reading your vocabulary boosting comments. Diaphanous: Sheer, delicate, translucent. I'm jotting this into my book of words. Indeed my friend, 2017 was a eye-opening year. I'm thankful for the lessons learned. We shall bloom :)


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