Birthday Fiesta🎉

🎝Feliz cumpleaños to me
Feliz cumpleaños to me
Feliz cumpleaños, dear Glenda
Feliz cumpleaños to me🎝

And many more!!!!

Today I celebrate fifty-two years and I feel pretty darn good, both emotionally and physically. Rather than writing my usual Style Story, today I thought it would be fun to share 52 tidbits about myself and my journey. And of course, I'll leave my shopping links in case you wish to purchase what I'm wearing. If you want my deeper thoughts into turning 52, you'll enjoy my story at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison's Fragrant Pages called, Coming of Age.
Oh yes, stay to the end. I'm sharing some very important upcoming information. Enjoy!

1. I love wearing sandals (even in the rain)
2. I had dreams of living in Paris, France
3. I cut my shoulder length hair because of my devotion to fitness
4. I love to dance around my house
5. I'm a forever fan of the 70s singing family - the Sylvers
6. I LOVE Mexican food
7. I wear what appeals to me and me alone. I could care less about trends
8. I have a strict bi-weekly eyebrow threading appointment
9. I grew up singing in the church choir
10. My nickname in high school was Gidget

11. I prefer boutique and vintage shopping over mainstream
12. My life is surrounded by people in the arts and entertainment industry
13. I grow my own lavender to make my own household cleansers, etc
14. I enjoy cooking fresh and from scratch
15. I love watching YouTube and Netflix documentaries
16. Invite me to a museum or art exhibit and we'll be friends for life
17. I have a love for pretty paper
18. My mother nurtured my love for pretty things
19. I feel naked without my hoop earrings
20. I love the Spanish and Southwestern culture

21. I take breaks from my work so that I can refocus, and hash-out ideas
22. The word "Fashion" isn't really a word I like to use
23. When I exercise, I feel powerful in my mind and body
24. I don't see myself retiring from what I do. It is a part of who I am
25. I love to people-watch and make up their life stories
26. I love wearing panama, rancher, and fedora styled hats
27. I have a weird habit of punching people in the arm when I laugh
28. I've learned to be gentler on myself
29. Popcorn is my friend
30. Leg day at the gym is like - YES!

31. I can make conversation with just about anyone
32. My sons give me life💗💗
33. I'm a neat-freak
34. My fantasy lunch date: Michelle Obama, Joan Didion, Peggy Guggenheim and Georgia O'keefe
35. I'm a great story teller (at least my family thinks I am)
36. I'm often told I have dreamy, soulful, or bedroom eyes
37. I respect days of quiet solitude
38. I fantasize about playing the base guitar on stage
39. I love summer
40. I broke my knee getting back in shape after the birth of my first son

41. Sometimes my dreams are prophetic
42. I have such a large paternal extended family that I've lost count
43. I never thought I'd become an author
44. Though I work from home, I keep strict office hours
45. I'm inspired by my life experiences
46. In 1985 I was slated to study fashion in Europe but the trip was cancelled due to terrorism
47. I have zero shame in crying
48. I eat to survive, not for pleasure
49. I've been known to cancel an outing if I discover there are no proper and clean restrooms
50. I dig my shoulders and my feet (just sayin')
51. My first instincts about someone are usually spot-on
52. I had to learn to love myself. I'm so glad I did💋

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Well, my friends, I hope you enjoyed this post. Before you go, please check out the important information below. Like I mentioned in my New Year post called 🌻Blossom🌻, this is the year I'm moving forward into new territories. So What to Twenty friend, Jamala, said it best when she stated, "Life is always evolving and we always seek to grow more with past lessons...and once we reach the peek of knowledge, then do we feel it's time to "blossom" out of our inner shell and let the life we seek truly bloom." 

I'm creating my very first FREE workshop exclusively for STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison subscribers. Why have I elected to make this workshop only for STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison subscribers? It's simple, I want to connect with persons who are very interested in exploring more about the subject of Style. This is my way of seeing who wants to take the journey with me. So, if this sounds interesting to you, please be sure to subscribe HERE and you'll be placed on the list to take part in this online workshop. The workshop will go live on February 7, 2018, but you'll be able to view it during a time that's convenient for you.

I'm off with  my family to have my birthday fiesta dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Luna Modern Mexican Kitchen. Don't forget to pop over to Fragrant Pages (my newest feature) to read Coming of Age. It's a more introspective write-up about turning 52. Enjoy!

Stay True,

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  1. Glenda...It's my birthday too...and we share it with my all time favorite guy Elvis!! I'm a few years ahead of you but its only a number. I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy Lunas....one of my favorites! I'll be celebrating with my family at Brios in Victoria Gardens...Happy year 2018!!

    1. Happy Birthday Carole! How cool we share the same birthday and we t to VG to celebrate. I love Brios. I hope you had a fantastic day🌻

  2. Happy Birthday and Every Day my Dear. Enjoy every minute. . .

  3. Gidget? LOVE IT! And you have recommended many good documentaries to me. (That Joan Didion one was just fascinating.) Have you seen "What Happened Miss Simone?" It's a heartbreaking film but you'll love her style. Happy Birthday, Gidget!

    1. Yep, Gidget I liked my nickname. I knew you would like the Didion story. I'll check out your recommendation. I know it'll be great.


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