My high school boyfriend was a wide receiver for our varsity football team; seemed pretty mellow (so I thought); got into fights on occasion; often had the smell of liquor on his breath; but carried a blue notebook where he would thoughtfully write poetry dedicated to me. Strange combination, I know, but like most high school girls, I was attracted to the athletic, brooding bad-boy.

I broke-up with him the night of our senior prom. I spent the entire night pissed-off when I promptly got a whiff of booze on his breath. I couldn't wait for the night to end. When the limo driver pulled up in front of my home, I angrily gathered up all the layers of my big lavender and white prom dress, jumped out of the car, and yelled, "Never call me again!" I flounced up to my front door, and never looked back. I guess he was sober enough to remember our tragic night. Two days later, he called to apologize, and said he wrote me a poem. A side of me wanted to hear him grovel, but I chose to hang up on him. After graduation, I never saw him again. 

In spite of all the drama from my football playing, fight instigating, often mellow, liquor drinking, poet of a boyfriend, he did manage to influence my love for poetry. Of course he wasn't a Langston Hughes or a Robert Frost, but beneath his brooding character, there was a beauty in the way he formed his words, and for this, I am thankful for our time spent together.

To continue with the poetic theme, for this style story I'm dressed in a whimsical, pink, Lou & Grey Poet Shirt.
I'm reading the book a loved poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 
Stay to the end where Jackie's influence comes into another story. 
I hope you enjoy the images, and I'll meet you below in the comment sectionđź““

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Sartorial Savvy
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Please enjoy my story, beautifully written by my friend, Mithra Ballesteros of Finder Not Keeper and the Bubble Joy - 
This is the story that Glenda told me. It was a long ago day and Glenda sat cross-legged on the floor of a library in southern California, flipping through a magazine and dreaming girlish dreams. A photo of Jackie Kennedy flashed past and caught Glenda's eye. Jackie was sitting astride a horse, back straight as an arrow and ankles properly flexed, wearing a chic black riding habit that made her look athletic, patrician, and beautiful all at once. (Click HERE to continue the story).
Stay True
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  1. Hey Glenda! The poet top looks great..that style is very flattering and i could see me in it. Thanks for explaining the different statement sleeves.. I've always taken a liking for the bell sleeves... trumpet sleeves I've never worn..btw. love your shoes

    1. It's a great top, Jamala! Comfy and yet it made me feel ultra romantic. I love the shade of pink. It makes me smile. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. There are so many types of sleeves. This was just a mere drop in the bucket.


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