Flouncing Around

By definition, the word Flounce means to move in a lively or bouncy manner, or to move with exaggerated or affected motions. However, when in terms of fashion, a flounce is simply a strip of decorative, usually gathered or pleated material attached by one edge, as on a garment.

So how does one tie the two definitions together to create an cohesive and inspiring style story?  

Here is where my story began. One day, while passing idle time, I resorted to an activity that many of us engage in - I decided to window shop by way of my laptop. As I scrolled through the various images, a particular garment, and the young model wearing it, grabbed my attention. There she was, a younger version of myself, poised in a dress that looked fun to wear. After a few moments to mull things over, I made the decision to add the Button Neck Flounce Dress to my wardrobe. After all, who doesn't want to look like they're having fun when they're wearing clothes? I surely do!

A few days later the dress arrived to my doorstep. Whippee! I ripped the package open and slipped the dress on. I stood in front of my mirror and smiled with gleeful delight. I rocked and swayed back and forth. Swoosh!! The dress flounced around my body. Within those moments, I knew I had made the right decision. Like in the definition, my new flounce dress gave me the feeling of wanting to move in a lively or bouncy manner. I understood how the young model must have felt when posing in the dress - I felt like flouncing around!

Enjoy the rest of the story and images and I'll meet you below in the comment section.

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Shopping List Links:
Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings
LOFT Square Sunglasses
Damask Card Case via Amazon
Fist full of silver and gold toned bangles were picked up at Charming Charlies. Great option of interlocking bangles at Target in gold and silver


Sartorial Savvy:
  • There is such an ease and sophistication when wearing an entirely black ensemble. Often what comes to mind is the word - Chic. Chic is an over-used term that many have equated to meaning well-dressed. When I think of chic, I think of clean lines; or an edge. An uncomplicated silhouette that still captures our attention.
  • A careful use of accessories brings an added element of interest to this already playful look. I wanted to create a mood of artful whimsy, without complicating the mood of the dress. I selected to wear, on one arm, a fist full of silver and gold toned bangles. See the video below on my thoughts on accessories.
  • Dress over pants is very popular. Pairing a dress with leggings gives the dress a more relaxed feel - which is exactly what I was striving for in this style story. However, with the removal of the leggings, and wearing a sleek heel, the dress instantly transforms to serious. 
  • I'm not really a handbag kind of woman. In the many instances I choose to forgo the bag, I like to carry my identification, etc, in a sleek card holder.

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Did you catch ๐Ÿ’—Making a Statement? This was one of my most favorite photo shoots. I must say, my husband did an excellent job with scouting a spot. The location, outfit, mood, and story are perfectly in sync. Here's a glimpse:

Many of you have asked about the music on my ๐ŸŒผPortraits of Harmony page at the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison website. It's my oldest son and his group called Kairos. My son wrote the song, and is playing the alto sax lead. The song is called Ndugu. I shared a Day in the Life video about a month ago where I took you along with me and my family to hear Kairos play at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). If you missed the video you'll find it on my ๐ŸŽฌYouTube Channel.  

If you haven't heard my Thoughts On...Accessories, here is the YouTube video. Enjoy!

Thank you for making So What to Twenty and STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison a part of your busy schedule. I hope my content brings inspiration into your life and your wardrobe. Enjoy your week, and as always...
Stay True
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  1. I love your take on the flounce dress! So chic and you!!


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