Portraits of Harmony: Carelia Brown (Unfinished Art)

I love the experience of visiting a museum or art gallery. I love to sit and admire the works of art created by the artist, and I also enjoy the sport of people watching. There are times when I've sat, for a substantial amount of time, in complete wonder about the works of art. What was the artist's inspiration? Who was his/her muse? What was their thought process?

"A person who has the gift of harnessing their style manages to entice the admirer into wanting to go beyond the surface, and into a place that introduces us to their character."
Glenda K. Harrison

In Portraits of Harmony, I line my gallery wall with persons who have the gift - the artistry called TRUE STYLE. Come with me to view Carelia Brown, and learn why she calls herself, Unfinished Art. Please, sign the guest book while you're there to let me know your thoughts. And while you're there, turn your volume up and enjoy the music by Kairos. The song is called Ndugu and was composed by my oldest son, and he plays the sax solo. The music is the perfect ambiance while you view the works of art. Here's your link to → Portraits of Harmony: Carelia Brown (Unfinished Art) ← Enjoy 

Carelia Brown - Unfinished Art

I'll return later this week with my latest Style Story called Bubblicious!
Stay True
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