#Mood (Part two)

I did a surprise post this past Friday called #Mood. Did you see it? It was, in my opinion, one of my most interesting posts when referring to accessories, and if you've been following So What to Twenty for some time, you know of my great fondness for accessorizing. I enjoy the subject so much, I decided to move forward today with #Mood (Part two).


But before I go any further, I need to say a few words about the awful events that have occurred in Las Vegas, I visit Vegas so often, it has become a second home. To hear about what has just occurred has broke my heart. While people were out enjoying music...

When these types of tragedies occur, I'm always left with such a profound sorrow, as I know you are too. I ponder what's important, and whether or not I should carry-on with business as usual. Though I post and I share, my heart bleeds. I remember the words of one of the dear ladies who is in my Facebook community -
“A new post from you is wonderful respite from all of the terrible things going on in the world! There is so much written about hate and suffering that it is easy to fall into despair. You give us a little oasis of civility and beauty and I appreciate it.”
Please view this post as a bit of civility and beauty. A place where we can, if only for a moment, live as if life isn't hurting. I hope you enjoy my latest video called, Thoughts On...Accessories.

There are more Thoughts On videos at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. If you didn't have a chance to read → #Mood, click the link and enjoy! 

In the meantime, my warmest and heartfelt thoughts to each of you during these very trying days. 

Stay True
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  1. Hi Glenda, discovered you about a year ago on Chico's site, and been following you since.
    I've searched your older posts to see if you've addressed the African inspired styles. I just purchased a few pieces at a African Fashions popup and don't want to look like I'm wearing a costume, so do you have any suggestions as to how to make the clothing seem stylish?

    1. Hi Jennifer! I know exactly what you're talking about. The best way to incorporate the African inspired clothing, which by the way, I love, you'll want to pair them with traditional American wear. As an example. If you wear a full African print skirt, that perhaps has black in the print, is to style it with a fitted black tee and perhaps a cropped black blazer. Same for the African print pants. If you wear one of the dramatic African print tops with the statement sleeve, I would suggest wearing it with a cool pair of wide-leg jeans and high heels.

      This way of styling is called juxtaposing. A good juxtaposition makes clothes look cool and effortless, and will keep you from looking like you're wearing a costume. I hope this helps.

  2. I share your sorrow about Vegas, hurricanes, and all recent tragedies. While I act in my personal life, I rarely post about national tragedies on my blog nor my youtube channel. I want them to be a respite, for those of us with fatigue, and for anyone who might be experiencing tragedy. sometimes we need an escape, and for me, diving into a world of what could be considered frivolous helps me keep my sanity.
    thanks for sharing - found you on Visible Mondays and love always checking out your blog.

    1. Hi, and thank you for visiting from Visible Mondays. Like you, I don't typically post about distressing situations. I also want my content to be a place of peace.


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