Indian Summer

Yesterday, the day I had this photo shoot, the temperature was already at 90 degrees at 8:30am, and by 2pm is was a sweltering 116 degrees! Friends, we Southern Californians are in the midst of an Indian Summer. While others are sporting their fall attire of  cashmere sweaters, and lux velvet blazers, I'm diving into pools of cool water. While stores promote puffer jackets and knit scarves, I'm still on the search for cute summer dresses. 

What's a woman to do when her profession calls for being up-to-date in the fashion seasons? Well, if you're this woman, you say, "To hell with it." I've never believed we should be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion. When one looks or even seems remotely uncomfortable, that, in no way, equates to style. So, my dear friends, though you may thirst for fall/autumn attire, the best I can do is show myself dressed in a fall color palette. 

I hope you enjoy the style story, and I'll meet you below in the comment section.

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Thank heavens for stores like Lou & Grey who still have an assortment of summer apparel available. I've mentioned them before here at So What to Twenty. I happen to love their almost zen-like, uber relaxed clothing aesthetic. You may already be familiar with the brand because they have a store within a store at most Loft locations. However, in recent years, Lou & Grey has branched out into their own brick and mortar locations. 

Shopping List Links:
The dress I'm wearing is now sold out, but check out the other items available at Lou & Grey. Now there is an Extra 30% Off Sale Styles and Free Shipping On All Orders. Valid 9/21 @ 12AM EST - 10/29 @ 3AM EST, Tie-up sandals by Bernardo (past season). New Bernardo sandals at Amazon. All the accessories are from my accessory archive and aren't available in stores for purchase.

Sartorial Savvy:
  • A good, supportive bra is a must for this type of dress. 
  • Notice I wore the scarf in two different ways. Scarves are a great way to add whimsy and interest to an ensemble. Visit vintage shops where they usually sell them for little to nothing.

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  1. I love this dress on You and those Shooze. . .

    1. Thanks Neti! Yes, my shooze. They're another great eBay find.

  2. You did very well with this dress. It might be a summer dress but it is the fall colour. How about that? And a lovely colour. Which goes very well with your white scarf. Of course you are wearing cute sandals with the dress.
    For me a strapless dress is a nighmare. I tried strapless bras but always ended up with 4 boobs instead of 2. Perhaps I didn't look for a good one well enough. In any case it has totally discouraged me.

    1. Greetje you have such a great sense of humor. Four boobs, though I know the issue isn't funny, but somehow you make it humorous.

  3. Love this umber and chocolate,peasant style dress, it is both retro in feel and modern in how you wear it. Yes, the weather is warm...here too, but in a very pleasant way.
    Love the scarves you tied to your wrist and head, lovely features.
    Keep diving in cool water, that sounds pretty wonderful!
    ❤️๐ŸŒธ❤️ Elle


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