One of the biggest trends shown during Fashion Week (spring 2018) was the reprise of the 1980s bubble hem. I know what you're thinking...OMG, I didn't like it then, and I'm surely not going to wear it now! If you're like me, your memories of the bubble hem relate to bubblegum pink party dresses we purchased from teenage stores like Judy's, Windsor Fashions or Contempo (State dwellers know exactly what I'm referring too). 

Nonetheless, it's returning, and personally, I found the runway looks rather appealing. So I propose the question - How do we translate such a youthful trend from our past, into a viable look for today?  As you scroll the images, you'll see me wearing the same bubble skirt in three different ways. After you've seen the images, tell me in the comment section if you want to try the return of the bubble hem, or do you want it to pop and fly away.


Shopping List
EDGY: Bubble Hem Skirt via eBay. Check out the many Bubble Hem Skirts on eBay. Options available on Shopstyle.
Belt Bag via eBay. Check out the Qulited Belt Bags on eBay. Also option at Shopstyle.
Nine West Boots via eBay. Close option - Fallon by Nine West at Zappos
I've had the Tee for years.

STREAMLINED: Vintage Soft Side Slit Tee via Loft

SASSY: Essential Tank via Loft;
Denim jacket from Chico's (sold out). Great denim jacket options at Loft
Would you believe I purchased the leopard sandals over 20 years ago!
Hammered silver earrings courtesy of Chico's (from last year). Obsessed with this mixed metal earring by Tahari!




Sartorial Savvy
  • As with any voluminous garment, it's always better to pair it with something that's more form-fitting. Notice in all three looks, the top portion of my ensemble is fitted to my body. Including the denim jacket. 
  • Choose a Bubble skirt in a heavier fabrication so you'll achieve the volume you'll want. 
  • Since I plan on wearing my skirt to a variety of events, I selected one that hits at my knee. This length is easier to translate to cocktail hour, day wear, and even weekend fun.

Below are some of the looks that were on the runway during Fashion Week spring 2018
Bubble Hem top by 3.1 Phillip Lim {source: Vogue.com)

Bubble Hem dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim {source: Vogue.com}

Bubble Hem dress by Mary Katrantzou {source: Vogue.com)

Wearing a parachute hem dress (similar to bubble hem) in a post called, The Idea of Comfort

Truth be told, the bubble hem never really blew away. Rather, the look was relegated to the back of most of our closets. What say you - will you give it a go, or will you pass on this flighty trend?

Before you go...
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  1. I read this and thought, yeah, didn't like it the first time, let's see what Glenda does with it? Wellll surprise! I like it and may try it myself. My favorite look was with the jean jacket. Kudos!

    1. Naomi, you make me blush with your words. I was a little frightened to read what others thought. It is a fun skirt!

  2. For the love of Pete is there anything you can't wear??! (And I bet if we go through your old posts, I've made this EXACT comment before.) I will go wherever you lead and if that's down the bubble brick road, see you there!

    1. 不不不不不 I read your comment and burst into laughter...the bubble brick road. I dare you to say it fast 5 x's.

  3. Love what you did here Glenda, all three looks are fabulous and you look GREAT!!!

  4. This skirt looks Dynamite on You. Also, you could wear a paper bag and make it look so Chic & Stylish. Enjoy. .

    1. Neti, now I'm curious about the paper bag. Thank you

  5. Although I think you styled this skirt very well, even three times, I don’t think I will buy one. Still have a lot of memories of not being able to style it. Indeed to the back of my closet.
    Your son has a very charming smile. Next time you put the band on video, don’t be so midest. Now you have put the others on video more than your own son.

    1. Yes, Mama Greetje, I'll record all the young men on their next gig. Believe it or not, they're all quite shy, and my son is their spokesperson.

      Thanks for the feedback on the skirt. I enjoyed styling it. I'm curious to see where this new trend will go.


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