"Nature and art are two of the most fertile grounds for experiencing wonder." 
Arianna Huffington

  • To gaze at the sea and wonder about the world it inhabits; 
  • To notice honey bees and wonder about their lifes work; 
  • To take-in a work of art and wonder about the artist's subject;
  • Observe the world with new eyes and wonder what's next;

In my recent reading of Thrive by Arianna Huffington, she stated, "Wonder is not just a product of what we see - of how beautiful or mysterious or singular or incomprehensible something may be. It's just as much a product of our state of mind, our being, the perspective from which we are looking at the world."

Coming off the heels of my recent style story called Matrix, where I put myself in the iconic matrix pose, someone inquired about my state of mind in my images, and what I do to prepare myself for the style stories. I answered, "When I dress, I always consider my mood and the message I wish to project. In order for me to do this, photo-shoots take place in locations that set the tone and cause my mind to wonder and imagine. I further support the mood by allowing my mind to go to a place that enhances the narrative."

With today's style story - Wonderland, it's a composition of two tales: The Trailblazer and the Creative. The sturdy boots are perfect for navigating the undisturbed terrain; while the ethereal white dress conjures images of a dreamer - a woman who imagines and creates. With the two combined, she is indeed a woman who prefers to set her own course in life, and uses her creativity to navigate her position.


Outfit Details
Dress: Anthropologie (Sold Out)
Update Alert: Dump the No White After Labor Day Rule - The cotton and lace, almost Victorian styled, dress is very popular going into the fall season. Though my dress is sold out, check out the many options at Shopstyle and Nordstrom 
Boots by Tahari (I've had them for years) 

The opening quote by Huffington rings true in my life - Nature and art are two of the most fertile grounds for experiencing wonder. When I find myself needing an extra dose of creativity, I always find my reprise in places of natural and artistic awe. How about you, my friends, do you allow yourselves the space and time to wonder?
Stay True,

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  1. I love this look. You look like a turn of the century schoolgirl on a picnic in the country. Absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Yes, it does remind me of the wild west or Victorian times. I love your description, Connie.

  2. I love juxtapositions such as the boots and lacy dress! 😍👏

    1. Thank you Naomi! For some reason this dress just screams rugged boots.

  3. Love the whole outfit with the black boots. Your skin and hair look so healthy.

  4. You wear this dress so very well. It brings back memory of my confirmation days at church and this is a very good thing. Thanks!


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