Portraits of Harmony: Cherie James

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Be on the lookout for my next style story called, A Sheer Delight, coming up on Sunday. In the meantime, I have a treat for you. As you know, I launched my new website called STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison (glendakharrison.com). If you haven't explored the site, I encourage you to do so. There's an assortment of information shared for women who seek an integrated life - spirit, mind, body, and wardrobe.

Portraits of Harmony: Cherie James

One of the items featured is a page called Portraits of Harmony (located under the Wardrobe). At Portraits of Harmony, I bring women who embody True Style (when all aspects of yourself, including wardrobe, are in harmony). Recently I featured Cherie James of Style Nudge. I call Cherie's use of vintage treasures, combined with modern apparel as poetic. Find out what type of art Cherie sees as herself. You can connect by clicking → PORTRAITS OF HARMONY.

I hope you enjoy the feature, and please, sign the Guest Book while you're there!

Before you head over to Portraits of Harmony...
Check out the latest issue of the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison newsletter called, The Harmony Report. It's your bi-weekly slice of harmony. Here's your link → http://mailchi.mp/b2c392360e59/its-time-for-your-slice-of-harmony

And finally, there's a new term I've coined called, Wieldy Wonders. This term simply means the simple, uncomplicated joys in our lives. Hear my Thoughts On...Wieldy Wonders, and other topics at → The Spirit page @ STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison.
I'll see you Sunday!!!
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  1. Thank you again Glenda for your wonderful feature of Style Nudge on you "Portraits of Harmony". I had so much fun answering your questions. I am both flattered and honored that you appreciate my style. You know I adore yours as well.

    XO, cherie

    1. It was my pleasure, Cherie! You have je ne sais quoi.

  2. Hello Glenda!
    I am happy to check out your feature! Looking forward to it!
    I also love your new term.. intriguing!
    I hope this new season finds you well!
    Xoxo, Elle


    1. Hi Elle!!! I saw your comment at Portraits of Harmony. I love this new feature too. I'm glad you enjoy it.


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