New York Fashion Week 2018 Trend Report

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My goodness my schedule has been full. What's been going on? Well for one, I created the trend report you're about to watch in this post; plus, STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison on Facebook spent the past week discussing New York Fashion Week, and Sunday having an online EMMY Soiree where we posted and voted on our favorite and least favorite red carpet fashions (raise your hand if you're surprised about the lack of EMMYs for The Crown); the sorrow I feel for all that's happening in the world had to be expressed, so I decided to write a piece for Thrive Global (link below); and finally, I've been working on my next Portraits of Harmony interview. This interview is scheduled to release this Wednesday, September 20th. I'm so pleased to bring another woman who embodies True Style. If you haven't met Myisha Turner, my first addition to the Portraits of Harmony gallery  ⇠click the link, and be sure to sign the Guest Book while you're there.

Now, on to today's video, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Stay to the end. There's an embarrassing blooper. Enjoy!

Before you go...

With all the mayhem and natural disasters that have been occurring, I found myself needing to express my emotions. I did so by writing an article for Thrive Global called, Talking About Fashion When Life Hurts ⇠ click the link to read the article.

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