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Don't you love it when you're sporting an outfit that perfectly describes your #mood? Such is the case for my look in today's style story. Since my Southern California lifestyle is immersed in the art and music scene, the #mood I often create with my wardrobe fits right into the groove of things.

But here's the other cool thing about my wardrobe, and perhaps you won't believe me when I say - I don't shop as much as you probably think I would. Nor do I shop for the soul purpose of having something to wear for my weekly blog style story. Rather, what I've done is created an universal wardrobe - a wardrobe that is built with pieces that are easily interchangeable for the many areas of my life. By having such a wardrobe, it makes it super easy for me to reach into my closet to find something appropriate to wear for just about any type of event - from an exhibit opening to Los Angeles Fashion Week.

However, there is a key to setting the proper #mood, and to making your wardrobe ebb and flow through your life. Can you guess what that key may be? It's in the accessories. That's right, clever use of accessories always give your outfits personality and extra spice. Think in terms of a cake without adornment. The cake may taste good to your palette, but once the added touch of icing or toppings is applied, it completely changes the mood of the cake...both visually and taste wise. 

Take a closer look at my outfit, you'll notice I'm basically wearing cropped kick-hem jeans with an off-the-shoulder sweater. Sure, the jeans and sweater are cool, but when you add in the tie-belt, mirrored aviators, large hoop earrings, and pageboy cap, and the entire mood for the outfit changes.  

Outfit Details:
Cropped Kick-Hem Jeans: Loft (only one size left). Check out the selection at Shopstyle
Tassel Rope Belt: Chico's (sold out). Love Love Love the Tassel Rope Belt from Hampden
Large Hoop Silver Earrings: The Icing
Kate Spade Wallet (Many options via eBay)


Sartorial Savvy
  • Like a mentioned above, accessories are the key to enhancing the flavor or #mood to your outfit;
  • Select your accessories wisely. Just as the icing can enhance the cake, it can also ruin the cake;
  • Think about the #mood you wish to create. This look is taking me to an outdoor, Up and Coming in jazz concert in Hollywood. When you think jazz the #mood is sexy, beatnik, chill, unscripted, and undefined.
  • There's a symmetry to creating a look with accessories that makes sense - proportion, weight, elements chosen, your personality, and of course, #mood

I hope you enjoyed this style story, along with the Sartorial Savvy. If you have further questions on creating a #mood with accessories, or other style needs, be sure to ask away. And remember, if you want to go more in depth into the world of style and fashion, bookmark my website - STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison.  Though So What to Twenty is a steady heartbeat in my life, there is a lot more information shared on the website.

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 Photography is under the creative direction of Fred Harrison


  1. What you are also showing is being comfortable in your look too! You look very cool and self confident with your style!

    1. Absolutely, Haralee. Feeling your personal best and one with your clothing is key to having style. Thank you!

  2. You look fabulous and ready to take on the art/music scene. Perfect styling, as usual!

  3. I am hoping you get this comment Glenda and it’s not a duplicate. I’m having a bit of technical issues with my blog lately. But I do want to say that you look very chic in this black, off the shoulder sweater. You are rocking this chic denim look.

    1. Thank you Elle! It's one of the pieces I kept circling around. I finally went in for the kill when it got marked 50% off. I love it!

  4. Cool casual and comfort is all i see in this fab look. That sweater is a wonderful piece to have in your season collection


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