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Today I'm bringing you a fun post. Consider this post to be a menu of  my Social Media communities. I know you've seen the various Follow-Me icons for the various platforms, and perhaps you wondered, "Why should I follow her there? Or, What does she do differently? So, today I thought I'd give you a description of how and how often I engage in each. Each platform has a unique experience. If you decide you want to follow me on one, a few, or all, you can click the name of the platform and it take you right to me😎  


Level of Activity: Very active

What to Expect: On Facebook, I produce a live broadcast called What's on the Rack, where I share with the community styling tips, wardrobe updates, product reviews, etc. In this community we also share our thoughts on red carpet, and Fashion Week looks. I like to say that my Facebook community receives the VIP treatment of all Social Media. Those who follow me on this platform are actively engaged, and we have a great deal of fun playing trivia, sharing confessions, and much more!


Level of Activity: Very active

What to Expect: Instagram is all about the eye-candy. In this community I share pictures from So What to Twenty and STYLE with Glenda K Harrison, plus pictures of my family outings, events I attend, restaurants, impromptu videos...anything that inspires me! I'm very inspired by photography, so you'll find me on this platform quite frequently.


Level of Activity: Growing activity

What to Expect: With my new website came the desire to expand into video production. The YouTube channel is growing in activity. I just began a series called THOUGHTS ON... where I share short videos on subjects that come to mind. These videos also appear on The Spirit page at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. In addition to THOUGHTS ON..., I also produce styling videos on YouTube. The styling videos will also appear at STYLE with Glenda K Harrison on The Wardrobe page in Style Video Gallery

πŸ’›The Harmony ReportπŸ’›

Level of Activity: Bi-Weekly Engagement

What to Expect: The newest member of the STYLE with Glenda K Harrison family is The Harmony Report. During my sabbatical, I decided to expand the conversation to consider more than our outer layer - our wardrobe, and to consider the entire woman. Therefore, with The Harmony Report, I quietly discuss topics that include the Spirit, Mind, Body, and of course, the Wardrobe. The Harmony Report is a bi-weekly newsletter that arrives directly into your email inbox.

πŸ’›Medium / Thrive GlobalπŸ’›

Level of Activity: Varied Activity

What to Expect: I had been very consistent with publishing new articles onto Thrive, but with the launch of the new website, and the sabbatical, I hadn't created new stories. I'm now committed to publishing a new article once per month to Thrive Global and Medium, and I'm very excited about the opportunity. The articles written for Thrive will be original pieces that won't appear anywhere else.


Level of Activity: Simi-active

What to Expect: Like everyone else, I use Pinterest to catalog fashions, recipes, travel, home dΓ©cor, fitness, etc. 


Level of Activity: Least active

What to Expect: I must admit, I'm not very active on Twitter, and have strongly considered removing my account. If you follow me on Twitter, don't expect to see much activity or engagement. It's just not my thing. 

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  1. This is so interesting to,see the direction you are taking. This is an impressive and thoughtful approach. I am currently disillusioned with social media for my own purposes, as it seems the more time I spend on it the less time I am interacting with real people in real life. You have found a great balance, I commend you !
    Xx, Elle

    1. Hi Elle, I completely understand your apprehension from social media. I make a point to not allow it to occupy my time. I enjoy it, but I enjoy real human contact more.

  2. I don't know how you keep up!! You're so energetic and I love the vibe you share on your media. Between all these and publishing books, you're a Wonder Woman holding your own realm!

    1. Aw Jamala, believe it or not. I take a lot of time to myself and with my family. It may not seem like it, but I do.

    2. Aw Jamala, believe it or not. I take a lot of time to myself and with my family. It may not seem like it, but I do.


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