Style with Glenda K. Harrison Grand Opening!!!

Woot Woot! The time has come for the GRAND Opening of STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison!! The project I mentioned to you when I returned from my creative sabbatical. Like I mentioned in the post titled, New Conversation, I want to have a conversation that addresses the entire woman. Yes, the new conversation has begun and I'm so excited to introduce you to the world of True Style.

What is True Style? 

"When all aspects of yourself, including wardrobe, are in harmony."

My dear friends, after you view today's outfit, featuring a GRAND asymmetric top I picked up from Zara during their big sale, be sure to make your way over to STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison - where the entire woman is nurtured - spirit, mind, body, and wardrobe.

Friends, I did some shopping while I was on sabbatical. This top being one of the items I added to my wardrobe. Unfortunately, this top is sold out. Here is an option from Asos, or see options on Shopstyle. The Jeans are Loft's Curvy Skinny; Sunglasses are Loft's Square; If you're in Southern California, the cuff comes from the Getty Villa Store. I've had the Michael Kors Sandals for years.



Again, I enlisted the help from Fashion Illustrator, Allison Taylor, to create the logo for STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. Allison and I worked together on the illustrations for True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, and she made the "Glenda" in the So What to Twenty logo. Allison is a gift, and I'm thankful to have such a talented and kind woman to help bring my vision to life. If you want to learn more about Allison, be sure to read all about her HERE

And now, without further ado.....

STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison

What to expect while you're there? 

The toolbar is created to give you an experience with Spirit, Mind, Body, and of course, Wardrobe. With each section, it is my hope, you'll find something that inspires and motivates. In the Wardrobe, be sure to visit - Portraits of Harmony. This is going to be a favorite...I just know it! Here is where you'll meet women who embody True Style. First on the gallery wall is Myisha Turner - a free spirited woman who stated, "When all things are in alignment, is when I feel authentic, free, and alive." Be sure to visit Portraits of Harmony. 

By the way, if you're searching for The Beauty Bar, it has a new address over at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. You can now find The Beauty Bar under The Body. Be sure to check it out. There have been many additions added to the menu! Enjoy STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison😎

Stay True,
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  1. I love your outfit! You look beautiful!

  2. I luuuv the lemon yellow! Both the top and the new artwork. Suits you to a 't'. And I'm so glad you're back at it. You have so much to offer!! Much love!!

    1. Yellow is my favorite color. Mithra, I feel a bit like I jumped and I have to build my plane on the way down. If that makes sense. Thank you for your kind words. It feels good to be back, and thank you for lending a very insightful ear.

  3. Glenda, even when you are on vacation you never rest. Lovely new project. I love the profile of Myisha. She is one of those girls that just stops you in your tracks because she's so stylish. Just like you!!!!

    1. I mostly felt free to create in my mind, Connie. I didn't start work on building the website until after I returned from sabbatical. I simply needed the space to let my mind wander.

      Yes, Myisha is the perfect embodiment of True Style. I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

  4. I love the yellow top, both the style and the colour look great on you. Congratulations on the new project!

    Emma xxx

  5. Oh yes what a perfect top, lovely trousers and sandals.
    Wishing you lots of success with your endeavours.


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