Art of the Slouch

To carefully pull-off the slouchy look, one should definitely possess a bit of bad-ass. Let's face it, having the nerve to purposely wear your trousers over-sized could garner unwelcome glances from the "Midlife Fashion Patrol." You know who they are - the ones who preach the gospel on what we should wear at a certain age. They'll for sure jump from behind a pillar to demand that you pull up your pants.

So yeah, here's the deal, when I visited my local Ann Taylor Loft, I was in search of a pair of trousers that would work perfectly in creating the slouchy looks I saw in the f/w 2017 Victoria Beckham collection (images below). If you haven't seen the show, I'll provide a link at the end of this post. Beckham is masterful in bringing this look to life. The garments are oversized, yet, they still have a very wearable and sleek quality to them. In my demonstration, my pants aren't quite as large, however, I still manager to give you a taste on how to master the art of the slouch. Enjoy!

Sartorial Savvy on mastering the Art of the Slouch:
  1. Fabrication: Choose a pant made from a heavier cotton, twill or wool. The pair in this post are 88% cotton 12 % spandex. 
  2. Size up: Typically I wear a size 6, so I went to a size 8. I didn't want them so large that they would drop to the floor. I'm wearing a belt, however the belt is strictly decorative, and isn't holding my pants up. The waist-band should rest on your hip bone, not on your natural waistline. Make sure you have ample room in the thigh and hips. 
  3. Length matters: One of the cool attributes about wearing slouchy trousers is having the extra length. Typically I wear petite, but for this look, I went with the regular length. Since my pants aren't wide-leg, the extra fabric gathers around my ankle. Having the extra length contributes to the irreverent look of the slouch. 
Hint: You want to achieve a slouch in the crotch area.  

Victoria Beckham - Resource Vogue




As promised, here is a link to the Victoria Beckham f/w 2017 collection

Also, before you go, if you try to visit the glendakharrison.com website, you'll now see it's under construction. I'm so excited to reveal this new project to you! Until next time, my friends. Now, excuse me while I jump into my Mustang...the perfect vehicle for a bad-ass (wink)
Stay True,
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Photography is under the creative direction of Frederick Harrison


  1. Listen, i thought i was hip when i bought a pair of gap jeans that had a slouch (my home girl jeans is what i call them lol) but these pants! That top! This look! Top notch!

    1. Thanks Jamala! I dig a slight slouch, but I haven't gone into ultra slouch territory. Maybe someday I will. I bet you look fierce in your gap jeans.

  2. The older I get, the more I think of comfort first and fashion second. Nothing wrong with the slouchy look, and you look fantastic, by the way.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I'm with you...I need comfort!

  3. Great look on you as always! Looks so comfy!

    1. Thanks Beth Ann! Yes indeed, it is very comfy :)

  4. Looking good lady, hope all is well with you and the family. Give me a slouchy shirt and skirt any day because I don't like wearing pants anymore.

    1. Hi Antionette! Everyone is doing well. Thanks for asking. Many women don't like wearing pants. I seem to have found the right cut for my frame at Loft petites.

  5. I loved your description, your photos and your look! I saw it on Instagram and was wowed! I do not like Victoria B's look, the trousers are too long and could encourage a serious fall!
    Now YOURS, of course, are just right!
    xx, Elle


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