Creative Sabbatical (An Extended Break)

My family:  The Youngest aka The Athlete (far left), The Oldest aka The Artist, The Hubs aka The Photog (far right)
Hi Friends!

Today's blog post is a big change from what I usually publish. This may be the first...or second time I've created a blog with my entire family. I thought I'd take this time to introduce you to my biggest cheerleaders - my sons and my husband. Why am I sharing during this particular time? Well, for one, this is my blogs 5 year anniversary, and I want you to meet the men in my life.  They are the wind beneath my wings.

When I first began my blog, the Youngest was my photographer, which would have put him at the tender age of 10 (he's now 15). However, like most at that tender age, he grew bored of photographing his Mom, and therefore handed the camera over to his Dad. The Hubs is very serious about his photography. What first began as a way to appease his wife has grown into a part-time hobby. The Oldest is the fellow artist in the family. We sit and chat for hours on the phone discussing life as a creative (he's home from school for the summer). He's also the one who first suggested I write a book; hence the birth of my first book, A Place Called Peace. In addition, they're all my security blankets when I have public speaking engagements. You have no idea how comforting it is for me to look out into the audience to see their faces. They have been very supportive, and I'm extremely grateful.

On another note, and my second reason for sharing this unique post - After five years of growing and developing my blog and brand, lately I've been feeling a bit like a hamster on that proverbial wheel. The world of writing, blogging, social media, etc., isn't easy, especially when it is done as a  profession, and not a hobby; as mine is. With any entrepreneurial endeavor, my world is met with disappointments and triumphs; times of overflowing creativity, and times of stagnation; times of feeling on top of the world, and times of feeling unsubstantial. 

In order for me to feel as if I'm not riding on that wheel, I am heeding the advice from my family and taking a creative sabbatical. Am I bored with writing about fashion and style? Heck No! Am I going to miss the interaction with all of you? Absolutely! However, in spite of my responses, I am currently in a space of frustration. I have always shared my vulnerabilities with you, as I am not one to pretend that life is all roses and butterflies. It is not perfect, but it is a life I have created for myself, and one that hope will continue to flourish.

With that being said, I hope you all will remain with me in the So What to Twenty community. At this point, I am giving myself a month (it may be more) to bathe myself in a waterfall of creativity. I have already begun my time. It began last Saturday when my family whisked me away for an afternoon at my favorite museum - the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. The images below are from our day. I hope you enjoy them πŸ’›

For my relaxed family day at the Getty Villa, I chose a super comfortable dress by the creators of zen-inspired lounge wear - Lou & Grey. Like many, I was first introduced to their cozy pieces via shopping excursions to Loft. However now, independent Lou & Grey locations have been lightly peppered in certain locations in the United States. I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of the brick and mortars in my region. I enjoy their clothing, and visiting the store is very therapeutic. I liken my jaunts to Lou & Grey as feeling like I've been treated to a massage. I recently picked up two dresses when I had my last massage visit - the Folktale Ruffle Dress (click link), and the one I'm wearing in this post.

Outfit Details:  
Sunnies: Loft
Bernardo Lace Up Sandals via eBay (New Bernardo Mosie Tassel at Bloomingdales)
Stone Pendant Necklace: Loft (similar option Crystal Stone Stacked Pendant)
Cuff was purchased from the Getty gift shop during my visit.

Momma Bear and her Man-Cubs

A view of the Getty Villa amphitheater and cafe

A Mediterranean plate for lunch

A burger for the Oldest

Under the grape trellis. Reminded of the grapes that grew in my childhood backyard.

Relaxing near the mosaic Medusa Fountain

Never a dull moment with these two.

I'm not looking at myself in a mirror. I was filming my sons.

Another view of the Getty Villa museum

Pucker up

Making sure the selfie-stick is working.

The Youngest and the Hubs are alike (Can you tell?). The Oldest and I have the same chill vibe.

In the meantime, I will still post on occasion on Instagram just because I really enjoy Instagram as a way to catalog things that inspire me. If you're not already following me on Instagram, click glendakharrison. I may not be a vocal as I have been, but please know, if you choose to communicate with me - I see you.

Stay True,
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Photography under the creative direction of Fred Harrison
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Special Edition: Prints Charming

Today's post is a special treat that I'm sure you'll enjoy! It's an intersection between a Style Story and What's Interesting. In essence, what you're about to experience is a mix of style, and a behind the scenes look into how the creative process works in bringing fashion textiles to life.

First, and like I've always mentioned, I pride myself in my great love for the fashion industry in its entirety. Most of my life has been spent studying, analyzing, promoting, and serving the industry on some level. I insist on saying fashion industry, rather than just fashion, because my admiration extends far beyond the end result - our clothing. There is a far greater depth that takes place behind the scenes. And in that depth, is where the true magic happens. 

The fashion industry is a combination of both creative and business. It would be reckless thinking to assume fashion is easy, and doesn't require a level of knowledge to discuss it intelligently. It is one of the strongest economic forces in the world; and is filled with creativity, a high level of marketing and merchandising know-how, and a strong sense of forecasting and predicting the needs and wants of others.

Follow along with me as I take you behind the scenes, and up close and personal with the Textile Design Team of Chico's, as they explain how the artistry in their prints come to life. It is my hopes, after this interview, you'll have an even greater appreciation for the industry we simply can't live without. Enjoy! 

Glenda: I understand the prints on your textiles are created by artists. What comes first, the artist's drawing, or the concept for the collection? 
​Chico's: The concept for the collection comes first.  Our trend department will start a concept board and name it for example, Bora Bora Bound, and fill it with island pictures, colors and inspirational runway shots.  The textile design team will then use that inspiration to create our one of a kind prints.  
Glenda: Can you explain the process of how the artist's work becomes a textile?​

Chico's: Once the artwork is selected to be in a collection the textile/CAD team will create what we call a package.  This will provide our fabric mill with all or our color and repeat information.  They then use this information to print onto the fabric.​  ​We work with a variety of mills around the world.
Glenda: What was the inspiration behind such lovely prints for your spring/summer collection?
Chico's: ​Bora Bora Bound was the name of our collection.  This embodied island life. It portrayed lush tropics, beautiful soft tie-dyes and medallions.  The colors were pulled straight from blues and teals of the ocean, and green and soft neutrals of the foliage surrounding the island of Bora Bora. 
Glenda: When prints are created, how does the design team determine which print will work with a certain type of garment?
Chico's: Most pieces are determined around the artwork.  If we have painted a beautiful scenic print, putting it on a piece with a bunch of pleats or ruffles would take away from the art.  We choose a silhouette that can properly showcase the artwork.   If we have a more fashion forward design with lots of details we will choose a more simplistic print.
Glenda: Recently I ran into world famous designer, Jeremy Scott, at a vintage show near downtown Los Angeles. He was sifting through vintage fabrics. Are the artists ever inspired by vintage, or do they like to stay modern?
​Chico's: How cool! Jeremy Scott is a fashion icon. We often look to vintage to get inspired.  Sometimes old is new.​  We have many different prints in our stores and in order to not become repetitive we look to many sources to get inspired and expand the breadth in our assortment.
Glenda: The Chico's brand conveys a message of ease, sophistication, creativity, and world travel. Are the artists instructed to develop images that stay within the message of the brand, or do they have the freedom to create whatever inspires them?
Chico's: ​Artists have full freedom to create from the heart.  We have a close connection with our customer and always create with her in mind.  The reason our brand conveys those messages is because that is who our girl is... she inspires us!​

Outfit Details:
Tropical Cold-Shoulder Maxi Dress. This dress is sold out online, however, there is still inventory in the boutiques.
Lions Head Sandal by Miss Trish of Capri via eBay

Here's an even closer look at the Textile Design team at work. This video is dated 2013. Enjoy!

Thank you Team Chico's for sharing the inner workings of your Textile Design Team. This truly was an enjoyable experience! Friends, now you know, when you wear prints from Chico's, you are wearing a genuine work of art!

Stay True,
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Photography under the creative direction of Fred Harrison
This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation