Style Story: Uncommon

"In a world that's so homogenized, it feels good to be uncommon."
Glenda K. Harrison

My divergence from the norm sprouted at an early age. My neighborhood friends found joy in indulging in basic youthful activities like riding bikes, however my gratification came while positioned in the corner of my local library, and surrounded by the latest fashion magazines. There I would sit for hours on end until I felt it was time to return home. Once we returned to school, my friends would share with me about how much fun they all had. I often responded with statements like, "I had fun too. I found out about the latest collection from Dior!" My comment was often met with eye-rolling and the flippant - Oh brother. Nonetheless, their disgust never phased me. As uncommon it was for a young girl to have such an insatiable appetite for the fashion industry, I never allowed their angst to compromise how I chose to spend my leisure time.

To this very day, I'm still uncompromisingly uncommon. Make no bones about it - my world sings a unique song. So please, excuse me while I dance (even if no one else can hear my song). This fashion world (that I love) is conditioned to embrace a certain look and aesthetic. I am far from that commonality - standing at 5' 1" #mypetiterocks, silver haired, hourglass frame, and dark chocolate skin. Nor do I live my life around the latest trends. People may ask, and I have asked myself - Why do I hold such love for an industry which falters in the area of diversity? My comment to them is...

"There are people in this world who want to see, hear, read... discover an uncommon viewpoint. Rather than succumbing to what's expected, I create a place for people to dance to their own song."

The protagonist in today's style story is a very uncommon, buttercup yellow, custom made jumpsuit with ultra wide legs called, the Glenda jumpsuit. This creative look was lovingly designed by my sister, Steffyne Glenn and her custom sewing service via QT Couture LLC
Everyone won't like or understand this story, but that's perfectly alright. It is uncommon, but it was made especially for me.

Other Items Worn:

Here's to all of us, in the So What to Twenty community, who are uncompromisingly uncommon, and who appreciate busting a move to the private song playing in your head πŸ˜‰

Stay True,
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Photography under the creative direction of Fred Harrison
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  1. Buttercup yellow on chocolate brown skin is perfection! Your sister is a genius. I love the image of you sitting in the library on a summer day, flipping through the magazines. We would have been library friends as little girls.

    1. Thank you Mithra! I love this jumpsuit and the yellow. The fabric works beautifully because it has a nice weight and drape. I can see us seated in the library, giggling as we thumb our way through the magazines :)

  2. oh Glenda this was so well done! I am adoring that jumpsuit- it is heaven on you. I know you know this about me, but I also have a thing for what is uncommon and what is rare. You are one of those things that I treasure.
    Kisses, Elle

    1. Elle, thank you so much. I REALLY love this over-sized jumpsuit. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. It's one of my favorite custom pieces. Yes Elle, I know you have a great taste for the unique. Your fabulous wardrobe tells us this :)


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