Style Story: Goddess

The dress I'm wearing in today's style story reminds me of the luxurious living of ancient Rome. I feel as if I should be lounging poolside while beautifully built men dressed in loincloth fan me and feed me grapes. Not too far fetched from the truth. Indeed I did feel like a goddess on the day I purchased the dress. Here's the story... 


I was invited to attend a Mother's Day celebration at Chico's Santa Monica by Floretta Taylor, a huge fan of So What to Twenty and Chico's. Floretta told me she discovered my blog via my appearance in the Chico's Inside Chic blog (click the link to see the story). I met Floretta when I spoke a few weeks ago at the Temecula Valley Women's Expo. When she approached me, she was so sweet and genuine, she made me feel special when she stated she and her sister-in-law spent the weekend in Temecula just so they could meet me. Well damn...somebody feed me some grapes! She then proceeded to invite me to the Chico's event, and further stated she had been telling the entire store and its customers about me. Fan boy...a little to the right.

So on May 13th, off I went to Santa Monica, with a beautiful young man, which happens to be my youngest son. Since it was Mother's Day weekend, my son decided to be nice and accompany me to the event since everyone else was unavailable. Let me further explain how extremely kind this was, since my son wants absolutely nothing to do with my fashion events. 

We were greeted with all the accoutrements of a fabulous celebration - tasty hors d'oeuvres (I think there were grapes), festive music, cheerful hosts, and a boutique full of happy guests. Upon arrival, I was asked to pose for pictures with staff and guests, and then it was off to the races. I perused the store in search of that special something. In between mingling and being pampered, I finally spotted the dress that spoke to me, and clearly defined how I felt during my time at Chico's Santa Monica - like a goddess. I hope you enjoy today's look, and I'll meet you below in the comment section.


This photo shoot takes place on a college campus that mirrors the look of an ancient Roman Villa. With the warm sun kissing my face, I stand tall in this regal column maxi dress of saturated ombré-inspired hues. The faux leather collar neckline, simple silhouette, and fabrication instantly takes me back to what life would have been like for the upper crust during ancient times. A beautiful, no-fuss dress (and it has pockets) adds elegance into your everyday, and will have you feeling like a goddess

Outfit Details:
I had to hem a regular length. I typically wear a size 6-8 in clothing. I'm 5 ft 1 inch. I'm wearing a size 0.5 but could have also worn the 0. However the 0.5 gave me more hip room.
Straw Clutch Bag: H&M (comes in gold and white. I have both colors)
Bangle with Turquoise stones was purchased on eBay.
Sandals are Miss Trish of Capri for Target. I've had them for years.

Sartorial Savvy:
  • I've said it once and I'll say it again - Make a good strapless/convertible bra a part of your wardrobe inventory. Without one you're missing out on the opportunity to extend your wardrobe.
  • I view metallic shoes/sandals as neutrals with an extra kick. Rather than trying to match a shoe to one of the colors in the dress, I decided to accent the gold-toned accessories. 
  • With a column dress, the more free-flowing the better. Size up if you find the line of the dress is interrupted by your curves.
  • The faux leather collar makes a neck statement on its own. No need to confuse the area by adding a necklace.
  • I wore this dress for an entire day of shopping in Pasadena, and I can't tell you how many times I was told how pretty I looked. I felt like a goddess😀

Debarah  Hendrix, Chico's Customer, myself, and Floretta Taylor

Customers were pampered and treated like Goddesses. Boutique Manager, Shannon Blaney and I pose with Chico's customers.

Examining myself in the mirror

Boutique Manager, Shannon, finalizes my purchase

Delicious bundt cakes were on hand for the guests
Guests were treated to delicious treats throughout the day

Brava Chico's Santa Monica for making women feel so special. As I drove away from the setting sun, on my journey home, I glowed from being a part of such a positive experience. This day will forever be earmarked as the day I truly felt like a goddess.
Stay True,
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Photography under the creative direction of Fred Harrison
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  1. What a beautiful day at Chicos. And you're just gorgeous in this dress/gown - the shape and colors are perfection! xox


    1. Hi Patti! Thank you so much. It really was a wonderful day, and the dress just made it even more so.

  2. That dress is gorgeous on you Glenda!!!! So beautiful, you wear it so well!

  3. Gorgeous dress! Very good advice about sizing up. So many times column dresses are shaped like, well, columns. Women aren't shaped like columns and that's a good thing. Same thing sometimes happens with tunic tops. I love the leather detail on this dress!

    1. Hi Karen and thank you. Yes, I noticed the slightly larger size hung on my body perfectly, while the other wasn't as forgiving around my hips. I know exactly what you mean with tunics. It's always better to size up and then alter it to fit. In my opinion.

  4. Hi Glenda. It was a pleasure meeting you at Chico''s. I'm the lady who helped button you up in this gorgeous dress and also who was at the bundt cakes table. Thank you for the picture in your blog. I truly appreciate it.

    1. Hi Robin! It was a pleasure meeting you too. Thank you so much for helping me get into the dress :) It surely was a fun occasion. I'm sure you agree!

  5. You are just one of the classiest people I've ever seen in a picture, period. Your look is amazing.

    1. You made me blush, Susan. Thank you for your very sweet words :)

  6. Goddess is such the right word, I am glad you used it so i did not have to hunt for it! I saw this on instagram and wow wow wowed it! So glad you were treated like that, it is well deserved.
    Love the metallic shoe a perfect choice, as is the simple straw clutch for a bit of texture. If I had a fan and grapes!
    xx, Elle

    1. Aw Elle, thank you so much. I love your sweet comments. I really do love this simple dress with an amazing impact. It'll get a lot of wear.


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