Style Story: The Enchanted Garden

I always feel embattled in my spirit during Mother's Day. At the age of 29 I buried my mother, and at the age of 31 I became a mother. I am a Motherless-Mother. For some reason, this Mother's Day has been particularly hard. Though I want my son's to enjoy celebrating me, I feel melancholy. I miss my Mother, the woman who embraced my love for fashion - I dedicate this style story.


As a child, I found delight in watching my Mother tend to her flowers. My bedroom overlooked our expansive backyard, which was an enchanted garden of Birds of Paradise, Gardenias, Roses...to name a few. On Saturday mornings I would open my window, take a seat on the foot of my bed, and watch as my Mother meticulously groomed her way along the periphery of our yard. My dog, Sailor, also found joy in my Mom's activity. For some strange reason, he used my Mother's gardening time to dig up his hidden bone treasures. "No Sailor!" She would shout when he came too close to her flowers. From time to time she would look in my direction and give me a wave. I'd wave back, and often used her acknowledgement as an invitation to join her by her side as she cut, pruned and planted. I recall the time when I asked about the cuttings,
"Mommy, won't the flowers last longer if you leave them attached to the plant?"
"Eventually they're going to die. Might as well enjoy them how you please," she responded
At the end of our time in the garden, she would gather the bouquet of cuttings, take them inside, arrange them into pretty vases, and position them around the house so we could enjoy them indoors as well.


This memory would be an early indicator of how I would grow to enjoy gardening, and bringing the beauty of the outdoors into my home. As I write this post, there are a variety of blooms scenting and adding beauty to several rooms in my house. When I walk into the rooms, my mind goes to a place where my heart smiles, but my eyes are filled with tears - a place where memories are dear, life is treated preciously and you're reminded to enjoy it how you please.

In honor and celebration of my Mother, and the woman I have become, I wear a botanical suit in memory of our time spent in the Enchanted Garden. The suit's botanical print is in my Mom's favorite color - navy blue. The print evokes feelings of nostalgia, and yet, it is enchanting, inviting and playful - a testament to two women - Mother and Daughter.

Outfit Details:
I'm so sorry friends, by the time I was able to show this look, the items were sold out online.
Botanical Blazer: Loft (Sold out online. Look for in stores)
Botanical Pants: Loft (Sold out online. Look for in stores)
 Rhinestone Waist Belt: I've had it for years

If you're interested in a floral pantsuit, here is a great option from Banana Republic:



Sartorial Savvy:
  • A pair of pristine white sneakers is a must-have for any wardrobe.
  • Bold floral suits are daring. Pair your bold suit with simple accessories.
  • Cropped pants make pantsuits look less severe and more playful.
  • This suit is definitely feminine - marked by the print, the slim pant, the nipped waistline of the jacket, and the bracelet sleeve length.

Flowers from my garden that now sit on my desk.
Happy Mother's Day!
May you always be reminded to enjoy life how you please.
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  1. Beautiful memory,beautiful words,and a cool outfit.

  2. Wonderful story, Glenda, and so beautifully told. Thank you for sharing it, xo


  3. Thanks for sharing your story and your flowers. My mother also loved to work in her yard and had a green thumb. Mother's day leaves me with wonderful memories but also a sense of loss and sadness. Stay blessed. Ms fredy

    1. It can be a difficult day. Thank you for sharing your memories of your mom.

  4. Well you look fabulous in this sartorially splendid suit ! The association of your mom is so bittersweet. Especially as she is the one who shared your passion for fashion.
    I love the gardening story, I can relate to the points you make.
    My mom is gone, too, my dad and brother, as well, so some holidays have some wistful moments, as do many days.. but I am so much richer for having my mom as my mom, my dad as my dad, even as they are gone.
    xx, Elle

    1. Thank you Elle for your perfect words of wisdom.


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