Glenda on Stage at Temecula Valley Women's Expo (video)

Hi Friends!

As many of you know, this past weekend was my much anticipated speaking engagement at the Temecula Valley Women's Expo. As usual, I was a bit nervous before my 12:00noon stage time. I was fortunate to have my friends and family in attendance to lend support. I asked them to position themselves up front so that I can land my eyes on them when I looked into the audience. It makes me feel more at ease when I see familiar faces. 

Prior to taking the stage, I walked around and visited some of the vendors on site, and while I was shopping, I was approached by a lovely woman, named Floretta, who proceeded to tell me she had been following So What to Twenty for some time, and she and her friend came to the event to meet me! I am always flattered when this happens. I gave her a big hug and told her she made my day. She then informed me she's a die hard Chico's fan, and her dear friend is the assistant manager of the Santa Monica store. She invited me and my friends to join them for a Chico's event on May 13th from 11am - 6pm. Yes, I will be there!

Enjoy the pictures and the video!

I was interviewed by the expo producer - Giselle Saatchi.

My dear friends, E'loise Stephens and Gayla Tolson came to give me support.

Cynthia Taylor, Floretta Taylor and Myself. I was so flattered they came to meet me **blushing**

I want a car that's covered in Swarovski Crystal.

Sephora was the big sponsor for the event. They were on hand to give makeovers and to give a gift.

Me and my sister-in-law, Angie.

My husband and I. What is he doing to my head?

Truth be told, I think the nerves of public speaking are beginning to subside. Yes, I was nervous, but it wasn't so bad like it has been in the past. Thank you to everyone who left me comments and prayers of support. I really appreciate it.

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  1. You really were in complete control throughout the entire interview. And no doubt you have a new bunch of admirers and subscribers. Really really great talk! We all need to say no to dream squashers.

  2. You are so very cool. Nice job, Glenda.

    1. Aw, thank you Connie. I was surprisingly relaxed. I hope this new state of mind continues. It's much better than having uncontrollable butterflies in my stomach.

  3. Didn't I comment on this post? How weird! I watched the whole video. I think you have come such a long way. The way you talked with that microphone... so at ease, as if you had done it for many years. My compliments.
    All the women I follow for four years (Judith, Annette, Catherine, you) seem to go to places and achieving nice goals like being a model in a magazine or on a catwalk etc.. I just don't. I suppose it needs more and harder work. Or I am just not cut out for it. Never mind. I will keep cheering you lot on.

    1. Thank you Here the. Truth be told, I'm always quite surprised when I receive an invitation. I always wonder if they've got the right person.


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