Style Story: About a Bag

This style story is about a bag... 

One day while visiting one of my favorite blogs (Atelier Dore'), I happened upon a handbag that shouted my name from the rooftop. First, let's set one thing straight. I'm not about having the latest "It" bag, nor am I crazy about bags in the same way I adore sandals, jewelry, or organic body butter (that's another story). Rather, when I decide to add a new bag to my wardrobe, my desire is instinctual, and I fixate on it to the point that I have no other alternative but to make a place for it in my life. 

So, like I stated earlier, it was an average day when I spotted the bag. When I saw it, I knew instantly I had to have it, or at least one that is a spitting image. As with any higher cost item, I always like to mull it over in my head or hash it out with my husband. I decided to call him. He didn't answer, but sent a text that read...
"I'm in a meeting. Is it important?"
"It's about a bag," I responded (so yeah...it's important)
"I'll call you when I'm done."
Needless to say, I decided not to bother my husband with my fashion dilemma. Instead, I chose to sleep on my decision before making the purchase. When I rose the next day, while enjoying my morning breakfast, I decided to pop onto another website, and lo and behold, what did I see? An eerily similar bag waiting just for me! 

I hope you enjoy the images. Remember, this style story isn't necessarily about the other items I'm wearing (though they are important in this story); it's about a bag. Enjoy, and I'll meet you below in the comment section. 

The protagonist in this style story is a round straw bag I purchased from Zara. It's an extremely close competitor to the ultra popular Alice by Clare V. I fell in love with the bag because it strays from the norm with it's round shape. Though the bag takes on a bit of irreverence, there is still something very classic about it. If you find this new bag just what you need, feel free to click the links and make it yours.

Outfit Details:
 Sandals by Sam Edelman via eBay. Option - Adinis Flat by Lucky Brand


Sartorial Savvy:
  • I've never been the type of person who succumbs to using the same handbag for every occasion, day-in and day-out. Rather, I enjoy switching my handbags to complement whatever I'm wearing. Are you letting your bag be an after-thought?
  • Your outfit can be the backdrop for your about a bag story. In other words, a bag can even be the focal point of an ensemble. Imagine that.
  • Straw bags are always popular during the summer season. They offer a lightweight alternative to heavier fabrications like leather or suede.
  • To tie the bag in with the rest of my ensemble, I played with the black accents in the hat and the sandals.


In closing, if you're wondering how the title of this post came about, well, it's simple. I kept trying to think of clever titles to coincide with 'circle' or 'round' but I couldn't think of anything. As my husband and I prepared for a location to photograph this post, he asked, "What's the post about?" I replied, "About a bag."

Stay True,
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Photography under the creative direction of Fred Harrison
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  1. Glenda,
    Certainly I can see why you were so crazy about this particular bag. I love the color and the shape. The texture and the trim are so beautiful too. I am so glad you found such a good bag for the summer. I also adore your chic outfit. Kisses, Elle

    1. Elle, thank you! I always think of you when I'm shopping for a fun and interesting bag. You have such a vibrant collection.

  2. That's so cool! I am a hand bag afterthought type and I need to break out and buy a new one.


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