Faux Sure

The night I participated in the Leopard Lounge Style Event with Chico's, I found some time to wander the boutique and play around with some new ideas. My eyes landed on an embellished A-line faux suede skirt in a nice sand color. Hmm, "Interesting," I thought. I was intrigued by the piece and decided to step into the leopard lounge to try it on. When I slipped it on, I immediately knew we were meant to be. It had all the trappings for becoming an important part of my wardrobe. Faux sure I wanted to make it mine, but with the culmination of other recent purchases, I decided to place the faux suede beauty back on the rack. I tried to condition my mind to stop thinking about it by telling myself there would be other cute things. However hard I tried, I couldn't shake the thoughts of my new faux found friend. As I lay awake that night, my thoughts weren't on what I needed to accomplish the next day, or on the evenings events, rather, what was on repeat was the moment I stood in front of the mirror and admired myself in the skirt. So there I lay, conjuring up different ideas on how I would style the beauty, and how it would fit into my life. Oh bother. The images continuously played, just like your favorite music CD on repeat. Damn. Why must I live with a budget?

Two days later, after finally convincing myself that my obedience would pay-off in the end. I put the memory of the skirt out of my head...and my closet. Going on about my daily routine, I went to my evening water aerobics class. When I returned home, my mind was clear and ready to dive into a bit more work in my office. I greeted my husband and went into the bedroom. I was completely oblivious to the Chico's bag perched on the bed. Finally, I walked over to it, opened it, and faux sure I was surprised - there it was, the suede skirt! I went to my hubs, who was relaxing in the man-cave, "Thank you!" A man of few words, he kindly said, "You're welcome."

My dear friends, please meet my new friend. Faux sure, I believe you're going to love it!

 Outfit Details:
Fringe Ruana: Chico's (this was given to me as a gift from my friends at Chico's. Check out the many options of fringe ruana at Shopstyle)
Black Elbow Tee has been in my wardrobe for years (Option Tee at Bloomingdales)
Sunglasses: Loft
Nail Polish is Very Cranberry by essie



Sartorial Savvy:
  • When you see the skirt on the Chico's website, you'll notice the skirt hits just below the knee on the model. Being that I'm 5'1, the skirt hits me in a very delightful tea-length. Always consider the models height when shopping for clothing online.
  • For my body type: Hour Glass with a long torso; A-line skirts work best when paired with a smooth top. By doing this, I've created a clean, uninterrupted line that gives a more defined waist.
  • Wearing black with sand is always a good idea. Something about the two looks rich.
  • The ruana, shawls and wraps make nice additions to your outerwear wardrobe.
  • Faux suede and suede garments are seasonally versatile. Which means they can be worn in cooler and warmer months.

I'm crazy excited about my latest wardrobe addition. I've been on a mission to revamp my skirt collection. I had grown quite unenthusiastic with some of the ones I've seen. However this beauty is beyond basic, and I'm positive we're going to be very happy together - FAUX SURE!

Stay True,
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  1. This skirt suits you so well! Your black pairing with it is perfect and makes the skirt really pop. Glad the hubby picked up on your subtle hints. :-) he's such a keeper.

    1. Thank you so much, Beth Ann! I love it very much. He knows me very well :)

  2. It's gorgeous on you! What a sweet husband!

  3. What a lovely purchase, made in such a beautiful way. The design of the skirt is instant classic, and you style it so nicely. Thank you also for the tips on working a new piece successfully into an existing wardrobe. Love your style.

    1. Thank you so very much, Denise. Now, each time I wear it, I'll think of my hubs.

  4. Awww...that was so sweet of your hubby! I'm on a spending freeze now as of yesterday so I can totally relate to your predicament lol.

    I love the way you styled it and the wonderful tips you provided to make a piece your own!

    1. Tracey, you feel my pain. I need a spending freeze too, but my goodness, it is difficult when your life is surrounded by such beautiful things. I hope yours goes well. And thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the tips.

  5. Gorgeous and such a nice gift. You wear it all so very well and I hope to see you rockin that skirt again.

    1. Thank you Neti! Yes, I'm going to enjoy it. I can imagine it with boots and a great sweater for the cooler months.

  6. I love this post. That skirt is awesome!

  7. Oh you have a husband like that as well!!! Just like mine. So nice. The sweetheart. The joy.
    It looks terrific on you. After your decision not to buy it, it is double pleasure to get it in the end.

    1. Indeed Greetje, we both have sweethearts for husbands. I was so happy to see the skirt. My husband is a very busy man, so to know he drove to the mall to get it was extra kind.


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