La Bohemian Nueva

I doubt anyone would peg me as a person who doesn't like to have fun with her fashion choices. On the contrary, when I open my closet, I feel as if I'm entering a virtual pantheon of self-expression. Fashion gives me the opportunity to tell the world who I am without uttering a single descriptive word. When it comes time to decide what I'm wearing for the day, I ask myself - How do I feel today? What message do I want to convey? Once I'm tuned in, it's easy for me to slip into something befitting to my mood. A peek inside my wardrobe unleashes a treasure trove of possibilities.

On this day, I felt jovial, colorful, bright, artistic, and so in love with my Californian-Southwestern roots. To coincide with my cheerful attitude, I concocted an ensemble that brought my spirited mood to life - a white, colorfully embroidered festival dress; a fun pair of red suede sandals; and a hat that gives a huge smile towards my love for the great southwest. I call this look - La Bohemian Nueva (The New Bohemian). It speaks for my love of artistic-expression, but in a way that's a bit more refined, and understood. I hope you enjoy the look, and I'll meet you below in the comment section.

Outfit Details
 Mexican Wedding Dress (Festival Dress) via eBay (Options at Shopstyle. Love this dress by Sensi Studio and Cynthia Rowley Polished Cotton Embroidered Dress)
White Straw Panama Hat via Marshalls (Options at Shopstyle)
Mirrored Aviators: Loft (Similar Aviators now at Loft)
Yellow Stretch Friendship Bracelet: Courtesy of Chico's (similar options at Chico's)
Polish is Merino Cool by essie


Sartorial Savvy:
  1. Though some may turn their nose at the idea of "ladylike" la bohemian nueva enjoys meshing her boho wear with pieces that are definitely feminine - ruffles, nipped waistline, pintucks, bows, and pretty color combinations.
  2. La bohemian nueva enjoys combining the boho look with other complementary styles, such as: Southwest, Romantic, Classic, or whatever your heart desires.
  3. La bohemian nueva understands she is a multi-faceted woman, and though a part of her personality is clearly intertwined with the world of artistic expression, she also has the ability to transform without deviating from her personal fashion aesthetic.

In the picture below, I had no idea my husband was photographing me while I was fighting with a bee that was attracted to the bright colors on my dress. I'll be the first to admit - I look silly😊

Before You Go...
  1. Thank you so much to all the people who have purchased copies of True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, and have shared their book with me on Facebook and Instagram. I'm really enjoying the nice ways people have styled the book for the posts. Below is an image Eugenia of The Age of Grace shared with me on Instagram. True Style is available on Createspace eStore, Amazon and Kindle. 
  2. Come back Wednesday for What's Interesting. I'm sharing a YouTube video I originally created on Facebook Live called, What's on the Rack: Spring Wardrobe Addition.
Have a wonderful week my bohemian nueva friends!
Stay True,
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Photography under the creative direction of Fred Harrison


  1. Loving this cheery look to match your mood, Glenda. The embroidery is truly lovely! Thanks for linking. xox


    1. Thank you Patti. It is an outfit that brings an instant dose of happy :)

  2. On you this looks awesome. Those red sandles are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Laura. I do enjoy the shoes. Very comfy and fun.

  3. This is such a perfect California look and my personal style as well. I love the shoes and of course the bee dance!

    1. Connie, that bee wouldn't leave me alone. He was stalking me (lol)!

  4. Your outfit is a ray of sunshine for me today as it is raining and dreary in NYC. Having jumped in a swimming pool with a drink in one hand and taco chips in the other to escape a bee, I fully understand your trying to escape from the one attracted to your beautiful dress!

    1. Lollll, Rebecca, what a visual!! The bee was in serious pursuit. My husband stood with his camera taking pictures while I was being attacked. My hero :/

  5. Glenda,
    Love your sartorial interpretation of the boho dress !! It is fantastic and so perfectly accessorized ! Love the hat and red sandals, and I love the shot of you running from the bee!
    My eyes are better today- I will start reading the book Tonight !
    xx, Elle

    1. Elle, I'll tell you, that bee was such a pain. It wouldn't leave me alone! Thank you so much. I must say, I really enjoyed this festive look.
      Oh great, I'm glad your eyes are feeling better.


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