How Your Sense of True Style Expresses Who You Are

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It's time to take another trip to the corner of True Style Ave and Midlife Blvd. This month's article is called, How Your Sense of True Style Expresses Who You Are

Here's an excerpt...
Rachel Zoe stated it best when she said, “Style is way of saying who you are without having to speak.”
This statement is paramount in defining the idea of style as being much more than what we choose to wear. Because honestly, if style was simply wrapped up in handbags, shirts and dresses, then who would we be? “Hello, my name is (fill in your favorite clothing item).”Of course, this is an exaggeration, but you get my point. Does it make sense to base our identity on what we wear? This article continues at Midlife Boulevard (click the link to take you to the article)

Did you read this week's style story called, BREATHE (click the link)? It's the perfect reminder of what we must do to get us through each day.

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  1. Hi Glenda. My review is up on Amazon. Of course, I loved your book. Alas, I am not on Facebook but as you know, I can always find you here. Much love!

  2. You know I love this outfit! I love that quote about style, too, you could have written it. Easy to read my book, but my eyes ahve been acting up, will soon!
    xx, Elle


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