What's Interesting: Trust Your Journey

Lately I've been having to pinch myself to see if the events that are occurring in my life are truly real. There's been a lot of pinching going on, and needless to say, I've developed quite a bruise...but a good bruise (if that makes sense).

For those of you who have been reading So What to Twenty since the beginning, you were with me when I shared my journey of self-discovery. That journey then segued into my inspirational memoir titled, A Place Called Peace. A Place Called Peace chronicled the difficult road I had to traverse in order to find the real Glenda. I was plagued with very low thoughts of myself which stemmed from an ongoing comparison to my older sibling. After decades of driving what felt like an uncontrollable vehicle, I was shown a dream that told me it was time to release everything that was causing me to lose control.

The process wasn't an easy one. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most difficult decisions I had ever made. If I didn't make the decision to change, life would remain chaotic and without direction and meaning. There had to be something better. That is when I finally made the brave move to go on my journey - a place where I had to face the ugliest, scariest, most intimidating parts of my soul; and a place where I had to release anything and everyone who was no longer a part of my next chapter. The cool thing about the entire process, I already knew, that in the end, after being in the thick of things, I would come out in total peace with myself. 

Four years after taking that bold step, I'm amazed at the continual growth and progress that has enveloped my life. The events that have happened have all been organic connections without me trying to make something happen, or trying to seek validation from others. Huh, that sentence just struck a cord within me. The former Glenda always felt the need to be validated. Now I embrace my uniqueness and I have complete peace in my journey. It feels awesome to finally be on a road where the opinions of others no longer shape me.

On April 30th, I've been invited to share on the this very topic of triumph in a topic called, Trust Your Journey, at the Temecula Valley Women's Expo (April 29th and 30th). To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. I'm pinching myself! A decade ago I had no idea of this woman named Glenda, now, I've embraced her and I'm excited to share my story with others.

If you live in or around California and would like to attend this weekend long event, visit the link for more information on the Temecula Valley Women's Expo (The Ultimate Ladies Weekend). If you're an Influencer/Blogger and would like to attend the event, there's great news for you!

Attention Influencers:
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Join Us for a weekend of wine tasting, Sephora Makeovers, plenty of shopping, and shared expertise from leaders in the business community -
The Temecula Valley Women's Expo
April 29-30, 2017 at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California
To receive your Two FREE Passes to the Expo all you have to do is share this fabulous event with your community via your Blog, Instagram and Facebook. Contact the event director - Giselle Saatchi at giselle@temeculavalleywomensexpo.com
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  1. Glenda, Congratulations on all of these important steps and accomplishments! I am proud of your success and delight in hearing news about it. I just may pinch myself on your behalf!
    xx, Elle

    1. Just a natural growth. The best kind. Thanks Elle!

  2. Oh my heavenly stars!! Glenda this is such wonderful news.. It's amazing when you let go and Let God (steer your path). It is with his divine guidance and trust that continues to allow the doors of your path to continue to open. I wish this was an event I could make but one day (i truly believe) our paths will cross (physically)

    1. I believe God is surely lighting my path. Thankful indeed. Oh I hope our paths will cross.

  3. I want to commend you on taking the time out to get to know yourself all over again and figure out what you want out of life it takes a brave soul to do so.... I don't know you but I do admire you and what you stand for. I just want to say congrats on the journey you've been through and the journey you will face ahead.Also, thanks for sharing.

    1. Each part of my journey turned out to be a vital part to my story. Thank you for your comment. It's very much appreciated.

  4. Way to go Glenda! Another talk in public. Oh yes you have come a long way!
    Bravo (Brava?)

  5. I haven't left a comment for a while but I continue to follow your blog and Instagram posts. This blog post is wonderful, thank you. xx


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