The True Meaning of Style

Hopefully you've had the opportunity to delve into January's month-long series titled, Style Is...The purpose of the series was to give you a glimpse into TRUE STYLE: A LOOK BEYOND THE SURFACE, and the true meaning of Style. If you didn't read the posts, I hope you'll find time to do so. In the meantime, join me over at Midlife Blvd as we continue our journey into exploring the true meaning of Style.

I have long considered the subject of Style, and its true meaning, a very intriguing proposition. In the early stages of my career in fashion, I discovered there is quite a difference between Style, and the act of getting dressed; or, Having Style verses Being in Style. While most banish the subject into simple sartorial pursuits, the true meaning often eludes, and continues to be placed within a context that’s one dimensional, and much easier to understand. (This story continues one the corner of TRUE STYLE and MIDLIFE BLVD - Join me by clicking the link).

But Wait - There's More...

The excitement is already underway in the So What to Twenty group of Facebook. The ladies who have joined are in eager anticipation of the TRUE STYLE Book Launch Party (date pending), with chances to WIN copies of the book and more. Before the party gets started, now is the time to join us over on Facebook. I'll see you there!!

Facebook Promo for Book Launch Party

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  1. Having style vs. being in style, very good topic!
    Can't wait for the book!
    xx, Elle


Thank you for taking the time to comment, it really means a great deal for me to connect with my So What to Twenty friends. I hope you subscribed via email or by social media - I wouldn't want you to miss anything on our True Style journey. Stay True, Glenda