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Today's blog post is an exciting diversion from my usual start-of-the-week Style Story. I'm thrilled to share the launch of the Fierce 50 movement! The Fierce 50 came about when its creator, Cathleen McCormick, had a desire to bridge the cap between preconceived thoughts about being in this age group, and the truth. The truth being, this is one of the most exciting times of our lives. With her vision to bring together 50 blogger and influencers, around the age of 50 to post on the 50th day of the year (which is today, February 19th)
"When we were growing up, our experience of this age group was vastly different than our current experience. It’s time for us to come together and unite as one to show our support and love for one another. We’re firmly committed to ending competition amongst women and celebrating support, promotion and collaboration with one another. Let’s show the world who we are and that 50 is now a starting point, a launching pad and a time of celebration and freedom for women at midlife and beyond," says Catherine.
To learn more about this incredible campaign, and to see the list of participating bloggers/influencers, please visit my Fierce 50 page.

To support the spirit of camaraderie, each of us were partnered with another blogger/influencer.  Today I'm introducing my Fierce partner. Her name is Sheree (pronounced Sherry) Frede of SheShe Show, but she is affectionately called SheShe. During our joyful conversations, SheShe and I discovered we have very similar thoughts on the idea of fashion and style; as you can plainly see from the picture above. I also discovered that she has an incredible, diverse work history, which ranges from owning a clothing boutique to flying commercial airplanes! I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know SheShe, her vivacious spirit is contagious and her energy will penetrate your computer screen. By the way, if you want to see my interview done by SheShe, please visit her blog the SheShe Show. Enjoy!

Introduce Yourself to the So What to Twenty Community
Hello, my name is Sheree Harris Frede (pronounce Sherri) Some of my friends call me SheShe, an endearing name given to me by my step grandchildren. They could not say Sheree and it came out SheShe. Their parents encouraged the name because they thought it fit me perfectly. Since I have used the name in several businesses over the years. SheShe Designs, SheShe Boutique & Gallery and now SheShe Show. I am currently a full time Fashion/Travel/Lifestyle digital influencer better known as a blogger.

What's Most Important to You?
First and foremost the Lord Jesus Christ is most important to me. Raised as a Baptist in Tennessee laid a spiritual foundation for my life. Through my life God would be waiving at me and saying HELLO SHEREE and many times it would happen when I am having personal struggles. Through these times is where I have grown to understand God and his purpose in my life. The more I yearn to know him, the more he exposes his nature and allows me to grow closer. When I get too busy and become self absorbed in my life without my daily talks with Jesus is when I experience all of the negative feelings. It's really funny how when my life is going great, I don't include Jesus as much in my daily routine, but boy oh boy, when times are tough, I am at the foot of the throng asking for help. He is always there for me. Why do we forget the best friend in the world when life is great???

How did you get started in blogging?
Three years ago, I had sold my boutique in Colorado that I had owned for 8 years and I had just finished remodeling a second home, so I was bored. Timing was everything. I had been feeling very inadequate when it came to social media so one day I asked my 19 year old grandson, Carson, to explain to me what a hash tag was. Can any of you relate? Cracks me up now!! After answering several of my social media questions, Carson looked at me and said "SheShe, you should start a YouTube show." I said, "What does that look like?" He pulled up a few Vloggers for me to view their content and I was like OMG this is so hokey......I can do this and I can do this better. Having done some commercials in my 20's and 30's, I felt that I had enough experience in front of the camera to take a shot at it. So, we named my channel SheShe Show and the next day we went out and filmed the intro and first segment. 

A few months later I was filming the design studios at the Kendra Scott headquarters and my young friend there started talking to me about Instagram and doing a blog. I said "What's a blog?" I picked up the phone and called Carson and said that I needed to create a website and start Instagram. That was in May and June of 2014. I didn't know what the heck I was doing!! It is really crazy to think how far I have come in 2 1/2 years.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?  
Of course, being over 60 years old, I have a whole lot of life experiences to draw from. I have never let grass grow under my feet. That being said I want to do it all!!!! There is just no finish line in life unless you choose that route. Not me sisters!!!! What next?????? Keep on blogging.....I will never run out of subject matter! 

How do you describe style? 
First of all, I could give you a thought out definition of style, but in the end of it all, style should reflect our personalities. Like a chameleon, I love color and I change colors a lot!. My personality has been described as fun, feisty, festive and passionate, but put in particular circumstances, I can fly under the radar, watching and learning in a quiet mode which translates into a softer side of my style. So, if you can put a name to my style, it would have the be SheShe Style. My very own brand. Ask yourself, "what is my style?" Then, what is your brand? Style is different for everyone because we all have different personalities.

How do you describe your fashion sense?
Well, you just got a dose of my fashion sense in the previous question and again fashion is an extension of my personality. If I were to bottle it up, then it would be colorful, creative, bohemian, romantic, sporty, sassy, quirky, elegant, sophisticated and classic. In 2 words "Classically SheShe."  Expect the unexpected.....

Your thoughts on the Fierce 50 Campaign.
This idea has been brewing in the minds of women across the world for a while now. Like everything in life, timing must be right in order to accomplish an idea or agenda. Today, right now, the world is ready to recognize women over 50 as "the cool set". Our thoughts, philosophies, accomplishments, experiences and yes our style has been tried and trued for decades. Who is the better expert in life than women over 50? We are living longer, looking better and certainly savvier than my grandmother's generation. It is so different today and the world is ready for us!! I am so grateful to the founders of this campaign that they were inspired to step out and set this well oiled cog into motion. It is like a steam locomotive and this train has left the station, so you better hold on to your hats!!! You will never look at women over 50 the same way again!!! 

Before you go, please visit Thrive Global for a very informative conversation with Hannah Storm (click Hannah Storm).

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  1. I am loving those jeans Glenda!

  2. Glenda,
    Boy oh boy! After reading your post about Sheree, I feel like I know about her and not of her, great job!

  3. You did an awesome job with this post for the fierce 50 campaign. Sheree is really a fierce sister. I love her style, and she has such an interesting background. Kudos Glenda!!! ; )


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