Style Is...Je ne sais quoi

Je ne sais quoi: 
French for 'I don't know what' - a pleasing quality that can't be exactly named or described.

"When I cross paths with a person who embodies a certain je ne sais quoi, rarely am I solely captivated by their attire, rather, my curiosity is spurred by a more intrinsic element, and sparks a much deeper emotion."
Glenda K Harrison (excerpt from True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface)

Outfit Details: To capture the sartorial meaning for je ne sais quoi, I have selected a dress by French designer. Tiered dress by Isabel Marant via eBay (Many tier dress options on Shopstyle); Boots by Nine West via eBay (Many options of black boots on Shopstyle); Georgette Clutch: Chico's (now on sale); Stacked Cuff and Stacked Rings were purchased in Mexico; Medallion Silver Bracelet is vintage; Sunglasses from Loft (not available. check out the Cat-eye Sunglasses at Loft); Polish is Party on a Platform by essie; Lipstick is Berry Pop by Clinique.

**This post contains affiliate links, which means, if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation**

"...she bent the rules by blending her own lifestyle and taste with the store's latest trends. She proved clothing alone was not the cornerstone to having style."
Glenda K Harrison (excerpt from True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface)


Sartorial Savvy:
  1. A woman's neckline is a beautiful part of her body. Every open neckline doesn't have to be an open invitation to adorn this area.
  2. Nothing gives a greater nod to the French way of dressing than head-to-toe black, and a pop of red on the nails and lip. 
  3. This tiered Isabel Marant dress would have been way out of my price range, but thanks to eBay and an eye for spotting what works for me, it's now mine!

To dive deeper into the TRUE meaning of STYLE, look for True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface, available winter 2017. If you missed part one, two and three in the Style Is series, go to:
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 Photography under the creative direction of FD Harrison


  1. So beautiful! That dress is stunning! Happy Sunday

  2. Gorgeous! Let's hear it for your shopping savvy and for eBay! Thanks for linking up your fab look, xo


  3. Just Gorgeous my dear. . .I see you showing some moves too. . .Kudos!!

    1. Ha! Thanks Neti. Yes, I was trying to get the tiers to float. A fun dress.

  4. What a beautiful dress. On you I should add. I think this is the first time I have seen a beginning of a cleavage on you. And it looks very feminine. Beautiful. Celebrating being a woman.
    Love all the other things too: bracelets, clutch, boots.

    1. Greetje, I just absolutely LOVE your honesty. I've put my cleavage on display a couple of times :)

  5. What fabulous dress! It is so striking and I think you will get a lot of wear from it. It is perfect for anything! Love your book excerpts i the body of the blog, a great and unique post! Love the clutch, and the little dance at the end!
    xx, Elle

    1. Elle, you're so spot on. This is the perfect for any occasion dress...dressy or casual. And the length is just right for heels or flat sandals. This was a wise investment. I've always loved Isabel Marant. I'm glad I found this beauty.

  6. There is something rather Victorian about this look. So elegant. Honestly, this look is exactly the kind of look that makes me want to dress up every day.

    1. It does have that feel. Its from the neckline. The square plunge. This dress is very versatile. dressy, casual, etc. I love it!


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