New York Fashion Week 2018 Trend Report

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My goodness my schedule has been full. What's been going on? Well for one, I created the trend report you're about to watch in this post; plus, STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison on Facebook spent the past week discussing New York Fashion Week, and Sunday having an online EMMY Soiree where we posted and voted on our favorite and least favorite red carpet fashions (raise your hand if you're surprised about the lack of EMMYs for The Crown); the sorrow I feel for all that's happening in the world had to be expressed, so I decided to write a piece for Thrive Global (link below); and finally, I've been working on my next Portraits of Harmony interview. This interview is scheduled to release this Wednesday, September 20th. I'm so pleased to bring another woman who embodies True Style. If you haven't met Myisha Turner, my first addition to the Portraits of Harmony gallery  ⇠click the link, and be sure to sign the Guest Book while you're there.

Now, on to today's video, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Stay to the end. There's an embarrassing blooper. Enjoy!

Before you go...

With all the mayhem and natural disasters that have been occurring, I found myself needing to express my emotions. I did so by writing an article for Thrive Global called, Talking About Fashion When Life Hurts ⇠ click the link to read the article.

Stay True
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Video produced by Freddie HarrisonπŸ’–


The Corporate Creative

I've had a few client discussions where they've asked how they can represent their creative spirit while working in a traditional corporate environment. The corporate work wardrobe mostly consists of classic cut jackets, pencil skirts, classic trousers, and other garments traditionally associated with that type of setting. However, in recent years, what was once considered the norm for corporate attire, has now evolved into a much more relaxed code of dress.

As a creative, who has been employed with both the traditional corporate and creative environments, I've had a great deal of experience in making a wardrobe work for my own relaxed and free-spirited personality. In other words, I had to learn how to marry the two opposing styles of dress. For today's style story, I'm wearing a Chico's ensemble which could easily live in both territories.

How the outfit translates to Creative Work -
  1. The mixed-media, faux leather front pants breaks from tradition and adds an element of edgy;
  2. An unstructured jacket that moves with ease;
  3. A whimsical, reversible top that gives two options (floral or dots); 
  4. Jewelry that isn't overdone, yet it still isn't traditional;
  5. The pastel pink moves away from traditional colors associated with corporate life.
How the outfit translates to Traditional Corporate Work -  
  1. Even though the look is made-up of separates, it coordinates into a traditional ensemble, and thus mimics suit dressing;
  2. A classic, dark color palette;
  3. Jewelry that while it isn't basic, it still has a traditional base;
  4. Clean lines create a classic, no-fuss look - a look that says, "I'm ready for work."
 Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Chico's. I received compensation in exchange for sharing with my blog public. Although this post is a partnership, all opinions are my own.

Outfit Details:
Oversized Clutch Bag also Courtesy of Chico's from last year
Polish is Ladylike by Essie

Wardrobe Update
  • Blazers are all the rage for fall 2017. However, if you're anything like me, I don't feel myself in a classic, straight-cut suit jacket, which makes me feel restricted. I much prefer something that has a drape, rounded shoulders, a shawl collar, and other feminine details. 
  • Soft pink is Hot Hot Hot!!!
  • Dark florals are BIG for fall/winter. Keep an eye out for them.

Reversible tank. Are you in the mood for a floral or dots?

Keep this in mind - when you're a creative who works in a corporate environment, it is possible to hold true to your artistic personality while still maintaining the traditions of a corporate office. Remember to relax your ensemble a bit by choosing garments with a drape instead of strict tailoring; wearing a color not typically associated with a corporate office; and adding details that sway slightly outside the box of restraint.

Before you go...

1) Check out the first issue of THE HARMONY REPORT. It went live on September 7th. Be sure to subscribe!
2) Enjoy my latest video now housed on the STYLE VIDEO GALLERY at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison
3) Heartfelt prayers and concern to everyone who was in the path of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Paypal has made it easy to donate funds towards disaster relief.
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A Social Occasion

Hi Friends!

Today I'm bringing you a fun post. Consider this post to be a menu of  my Social Media communities. I know you've seen the various Follow-Me icons for the various platforms, and perhaps you wondered, "Why should I follow her there? Or, What does she do differently? So, today I thought I'd give you a description of how and how often I engage in each. Each platform has a unique experience. If you decide you want to follow me on one, a few, or all, you can click the name of the platform and it take you right to me😎  


Level of Activity: Very active

What to Expect: On Facebook, I produce a live broadcast called What's on the Rack, where I share with the community styling tips, wardrobe updates, product reviews, etc. In this community we also share our thoughts on red carpet, and Fashion Week looks. I like to say that my Facebook community receives the VIP treatment of all Social Media. Those who follow me on this platform are actively engaged, and we have a great deal of fun playing trivia, sharing confessions, and much more!


Level of Activity: Very active

What to Expect: Instagram is all about the eye-candy. In this community I share pictures from So What to Twenty and STYLE with Glenda K Harrison, plus pictures of my family outings, events I attend, restaurants, impromptu videos...anything that inspires me! I'm very inspired by photography, so you'll find me on this platform quite frequently.


Level of Activity: Growing activity

What to Expect: With my new website came the desire to expand into video production. The YouTube channel is growing in activity. I just began a series called THOUGHTS ON... where I share short videos on subjects that come to mind. These videos also appear on The Spirit page at STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. In addition to THOUGHTS ON..., I also produce styling videos on YouTube. The styling videos will also appear at STYLE with Glenda K Harrison on The Wardrobe page in Style Video Gallery

πŸ’›The Harmony ReportπŸ’›

Level of Activity: Bi-Weekly Engagement

What to Expect: The newest member of the STYLE with Glenda K Harrison family is The Harmony Report. During my sabbatical, I decided to expand the conversation to consider more than our outer layer - our wardrobe, and to consider the entire woman. Therefore, with The Harmony Report, I quietly discuss topics that include the Spirit, Mind, Body, and of course, the Wardrobe. The Harmony Report is a bi-weekly newsletter that arrives directly into your email inbox.

πŸ’›Medium / Thrive GlobalπŸ’›

Level of Activity: Varied Activity

What to Expect: I had been very consistent with publishing new articles onto Thrive, but with the launch of the new website, and the sabbatical, I hadn't created new stories. I'm now committed to publishing a new article once per month to Thrive Global and Medium, and I'm very excited about the opportunity. The articles written for Thrive will be original pieces that won't appear anywhere else.


Level of Activity: Simi-active

What to Expect: Like everyone else, I use Pinterest to catalog fashions, recipes, travel, home dΓ©cor, fitness, etc. 


Level of Activity: Least active

What to Expect: I must admit, I'm not very active on Twitter, and have strongly considered removing my account. If you follow me on Twitter, don't expect to see much activity or engagement. It's just not my thing. 

Stay True,

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Images are under the creative direction of Frederick Harrison



"Nature and art are two of the most fertile grounds for experiencing wonder." 
Arianna Huffington

  • To gaze at the sea and wonder about the world it inhabits; 
  • To notice honey bees and wonder about their lifes work; 
  • To take-in a work of art and wonder about the artist's subject;
  • Observe the world with new eyes and wonder what's next;

In my recent reading of Thrive by Arianna Huffington, she stated, "Wonder is not just a product of what we see - of how beautiful or mysterious or singular or incomprehensible something may be. It's just as much a product of our state of mind, our being, the perspective from which we are looking at the world."

Coming off the heels of my recent style story called Matrix, where I put myself in the iconic matrix pose, someone inquired about my state of mind in my images, and what I do to prepare myself for the style stories. I answered, "When I dress, I always consider my mood and the message I wish to project. In order for me to do this, photo-shoots take place in locations that set the tone and cause my mind to wonder and imagine. I further support the mood by allowing my mind to go to a place that enhances the narrative."

With today's style story - Wonderland, it's a composition of two tales: The Trailblazer and the Creative. The sturdy boots are perfect for navigating the undisturbed terrain; while the ethereal white dress conjures images of a dreamer - a woman who imagines and creates. With the two combined, she is indeed a woman who prefers to set her own course in life, and uses her creativity to navigate her position.


Outfit Details
Dress: Anthropologie (Sold Out)
Update Alert: Dump the No White After Labor Day Rule - The cotton and lace, almost Victorian styled, dress is very popular going into the fall season. Though my dress is sold out, check out the many options at Shopstyle and Nordstrom 
Boots by Tahari (I've had them for years) 

The opening quote by Huffington rings true in my life - Nature and art are two of the most fertile grounds for experiencing wonder. When I find myself needing an extra dose of creativity, I always find my reprise in places of natural and artistic awe. How about you, my friends, do you allow yourselves the space and time to wonder?
Stay True,

Have you visited the New Website - STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison. Take a look around, new information has been added.
Did you meet Myisha Turner in Portraits of Harmony? She embodies True Style.
Have your heard my Thoughts on...Exercise?

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Images are under the creative direction of Frederick Harrison


What's Interesting: The Crown Costumes on Exhibit in Los Angeles

One of my greatest pleasures is to make a big bowl of popcorn, create for myself the ultimate space for movie viewing, and then binge watch a Netflix series. Raise your hand if you watched the entire first series of The Crown and Girlboss in one weekend. I surely did, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Though the two series were polar opposites (one being a period piece and the other the fictionalized story of a cool chic), still, the costumes brought the characters to life. I adored the recreation of Queen Elizabeth II wedding and coronation gowns, and totally understood Sophia (from Girlboss) through her heavy ladened vintage and 70s inspired wardrobe. If you saw Girlboss, remember when Sophia found the East West leather jacket for $9.00, and then sold it for $100's more?

If you appreciate the world of costume design, or, if you would like to learn more about the industry, your opportunity has arrived. The Museum at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles, is once again exhibiting the Art of Television Costume Design, including 100 costumes from 25 featured shows, including Emmy-nominated costume designs from nine television shows: The Crown, FEUD: Bette and Joan, The Handmaid's Tale, Westworld, Big Little Lies, Grace and Frankie, Dancing with the Stars, Hairspray Live!, and RuPaul's Drag Race. And yes, Girlboss along with the cool jacket are on exhibit!
The exhibition will run from Tuesday, August 22, 2017 through Saturday, October 7, 2017. Museum hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.   

As a FIDM grad, and a member of the media, for the past ten years, I have been invited to attend the opening reception for the Art of Television Costume Design exhibit. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and please, make sure to visit the museum, and make a day out of it and enjoy the restaurants and shopping around Los Angeles.

My youngest son was my escort for the evening.

The Emmy statue

A view of the step and repeat from the FIDM courtyard

Hayman Washington - Chairman and CEO of Television Academy

FEUD Designer, Lou Eyrich, Barbara Bundy, FIDM Museum Director, Salvador Perez, President of Costume Designers Guild

Designer and FIDM Grad, Kevan Hall, Designer and FIDM spokesperson, Nick Verreos

Entrance into the exhibition

Designs from FEUD: Bette and Joan. Designer: Lou Eyrich

Designs from Girlboss. Designer: Audrey Fisher

Girlboss Designer, Audrey Fisher

The Crown Jewels from The Crown

Designs from The Crown. Designer: Michele Clapton

Insecure Designer: Ayanna James

Designs from Insecure. Designer: Ayanna James

The FIDM lobby is beautifully lighted by the Emmy statue

Remember, there are over 100 costumes from 25 featured shows, including Emmy-nominated costume designs from nine TV shows. Make your way into Los Angeles - The exhibition will run from Tuesday, August 22, 2017 through Saturday, October 7, 2017. Museum hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. 

Stay True,
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Matrix: Something (such as a situation or a set of conditions) in which something else develops or forms.

How does one compare the definition of matrix with our sartorial lifestyle? For myself, I equate the meaning as to how inspiration develops. As with today's style story, the matrix, or inspiration, formed from a purchase.

When you're in the fashion field, you're constantly exposed to beautiful merchandise. You have to be strong, or develop the wisdom to turn a blind eye to much of the items. If not, chances are you'll wind up in the poor house. Not a place I wish to live my life. So yes, often times I have to dodge the bullets that are shot in my direction. These bullets, when they strike, cause you to seize the moment, and to purchase whatever it is that has caught your attention.

Though I recently tried to dodge bullets by performing the famous Matrix bend (from the movie), one bullet did indeed strike; which led to me purchasing a pair of boots that made a huge impact in my wardrobe, and became an insurmountable amount of style inspiration. The morning of this photo shoot, the mood was set into motion when I proceeded to glide the boots onto my feet. I immediately knew how and where I wanted to showcase them. I hope you enjoy today's look, and I'll meet you below in the comment section.

Developed thigh muscles made this pose easier to accomplish

These statement boots needed no further bells and whistles. The photo shoot takes place in a dark and dirty alley in an art district. The dark railings, stained walk, and brick walls make the boots seem almost out of place, yet without a clear explanation, they somehow fit in perfectly. Perhaps it is the simple rule of fashion coming into play...to make a statement in fashion, do the unexpected. While most would slip on a pair of sneakers or casual sandals for this scene, the boots bring life, sarcasm, and artistic expression into this matrix (inspirational) story.

Outfit Details
On the top, I did a small DIY. I added elastic in the wrist to remove the bell sleeve.
Silver bangle is a vintage treasure I purchased from a local vintage shop.
Happy Shopping!

Before You Go...
Tuesday August 29th, in the STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison (Facebook Group), I'm going to share tips on how to style an outfit around a statement piece in a live broadcast. If you're not in the group, here's the way in ----> STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison (Facebook)

If you're curious about my workout schedule, I have my Basic Summer Workout Schedule at The Body on my website - STYLE with Glenda K. Harrison.  Here's your way in ---> Glenda's workout schedule.

Did you know I recently launched a bi-weekly newsletter called The Harmony Report? The Harmony Report nurtures the Spirit, Mind, Body, and Wardrobe. Subscribe Today and receive 10 Tips to Developing Your Fashion Prowess! Here's how to subscribe ---> http://eepurl.com/cZstcb

I'll be back Wednesday with a new addition to What's Interesting. If you're a fan of television and costume design, you're going to love this post!

Stay True,
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Photography is under the creative direction of Fred Harrison