Fashion Iconology

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Some suggest fashion choices should be governed by a particular set of rules - many of which can be deemed as antiquated. By giving this type of fashion advice, it's as if fashion, or one's taste and lifestyle remain the same, or should I say undisturbed. On the contrary, in my world, fashion has the ability to ebb and flow within every aspect of my life. Fashion Iconology is my method of interpretation, and I embrace it with my whole heart. It's not about the actual garments, rather, the story I wish to tell. When you're able to view fashion on this level, you're able to see far and wide into greater possibilities. After all, a great storyteller doesn't rely on typical characters, but seeks to find a unique voice. If you don't believe this to be true, then you're probably still of the mindset of 'matching your shoes and handbag' and other stale fashion regulations. 

Here's the big question, "How does one tell a convincing and interesting fashion story if you don't know the character?" Yes, that is the million dollar question. The BIG Reveal ---> You must know yourself (the character) before you're able to embrace fashion on this more introspective and creative level. While some view garments as simply a way to cover their nakedness, I view fashion as an extension of my life...somewhat as the cast of characters in this true story called, Glenda. I know Glenda very well, and because of this, I'm able to dive into many different looks while not loosing sight of who I am. Sometimes Glenda is nostalgic for the era in which she was born (the 60s); then there are times when Glenda feels classic and traditional; there are times when Glenda feels connected with her bohemian and Southwestern roots; and then there are times when Glenda feels completely irreverent and the need to buck the system comes into play. I wrote more about the subject in a post called Knowing Your Fashion Personality 101.   

For today, I'm very much in touch with my Southwestern and relaxed, bohemian roots. Being a native Californian with a passion for the arts, this type of look is a mainstay in my style story.

A woman's face is concealed behind her wide-brimmed hat. Without knowing her identity, what do her clothes say about her? She is comfortable and relaxed with who she is; slightly irreverent by her distressed boyfriend jeans; she's coquettish by the way she reveals her bare shoulders; her fashion choices are dictated by the life she leads - one of adventure, artistic development and freedom.                                 To be continued....

The featured item in this style story comes courtesy of Chico's 

More Outfit Details:  Wide off the shoulder Top: H&M Conscious (Sold out in stores but still available on eBay); Braided Belt by Ralph Lauren (Many Braided Belts on eBay); Wide-Brim Fedora: Forever 21 (a few years ago. Huge selection of Fedora's on Shopstyle); Boots by Ralph Lauren via TJ Maxx; Lariat Bird Necklace purchased from a boutique near my home (similar lariat bird necklaces on eBay)

 The story continues...
Finally she reveals her face. She offers a reassuring smile. Like the necklace she wears around her neck - she is as free as a bird. She lives a life undefined, and certainly not dictated by the fashion rules of others. Her life is one which captures the imagination of those seeking to discover their own style story. This is Glenda's Fashion Iconology {wink}
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Hello Fabulous (Giveaway)!

Hello Fabulous!

During the B@M (Bloggers at Midlife) Conference (you can read my style story/recap at A Marigold Time), Chico's was present to remind us of our unmatched fabulousness by offering us an incredible assortment of reaffirming merchandise. After receiving the goodies, each of us were encouraged to strike-a-pose in front of their step & repeat. It was all great fun, and a reminder how Chico's does an incredible job with keeping the seasoned woman stylishly dressed.  

For today, I'm giving each of you - my fabulous friends, an opportunity to win the same items we were so graciously gifted at BAM - a Hello I'm Fabulous tee, a great leopard tote bag, and a pair of sunnies. All courtesy of Chico's. With these items, you'll be a head-turner...with your fabulous self. So, my dear friends, I hope you enjoy the pictures, which take place at my local mall, and then after you enter the giveaway, I'll meet you in the comment section.

Outfit Details - Hello I'm Fabulous Tee: Chico's; Skirt: Banana Republic (from a few years ago. Similar Goddess Mini at Banana Republic); Leo Roll Tote: Chico's (courtesy); Nikka Sunglasses: Chico's (courtesy); Ankle Strap Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft; Silver Chain Belt: Many Silver Chain Belt options on Amazon. Nail Polish is Stolen Kisses by Nicole by OPI.




Here I am with fellow midlife blogger, Kery Jackson

Here's your chance to win!
Chico's Hello I'm Fabulous tee (size medium), leopard tote and sunglasses. 
A value worth $99.00!

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A Marigold Time

Today I'm coming down from the hills of a very exciting weekend at the Bloggers at Midlife (B@M) Conference in Las Vegas. Not only did I face my fear of public speaking, I also walked away with a wealth of information, made strong connections with other bloggers and brands, and managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping (but of course).

My experience at B@M touched my heart in such a powerful way, I decided to coin a new term called A Marigold Time. Why? you ask. Well, since the jovial color Marigold is a perfect combination of Orange (creativity, confidence, intuition, friendliness and the entrepreneurial spirit), and Yellow (enthusiasm, cheerfulness, sense of humor, fun, optimism and intellect), I had to align their meanings with my divine experience in Las Vegas. B@M was indeed a perfect mix of yellow and orange.

To celebrate the joyous time spent at B@M, today I wear a dress which is bound to bring good cheer - It is the perfect dress to set the tone for this style story...optimistic and fun. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I'll meet you below in the comment section. 

Outfit Details: Dress by Tulle via ThredUp; Sandals by Nina via ThredUp (many great silver wedge sandals at Nordstrom); Denim Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft (a few seasons back. Loft's new Denim Jacket in Mid Vintage Wash); Scarf purchased from a vintage flea market: Medium Basic Sunglasses: Ann Taylor Loft

Marigold's lined the walkway which led to the B@M Conference

My name tag for the conference. Courage represented how I felt.

I took this photo just before I was introduced. See my microphone?

Incredible sponsors listed on the step & repeat

A view at the lovely grounds of the JW Marriott Resort from my room


It was refreshing to spend time in the company of others who are driven, ambitious, whom do not let age stop them from pursuing their dreams, and who have the desire to touch others through their stories; be it blogs or books. I left the event feeling overwhelmed with the amount of enthusiasm and support that was shared. Even in the midst of getting down to business, there were many moments of laughter...and of course, heartfelt stories. It was truly A Marigold Time.
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Spellbound at FIDM Debut 2016

On Thursday evening, April 7th, I made my final journey, for the week, into Palm Desert, California to attend the FIDM Debut 2016 during Fashion Week El Paseo, and again, the ten selected designers for the Advanced Fashion Design program did not disappoint. After receiving an Associate of Arts degree, students are chosen each year to participate in this 3rd year program. Participants are chosen based on overall grade point average, references, portfolio review, talent, skill level and formal interviews with Department Chairs from FIDM. The designers-to-be worked for over nine months to create the 10-12 piece collections, ranging in styles from sportswear to dramatic gowns.

This year, I had a difficult time writing my first thoughts as each collection was presented. The energy and anticipation under the tent was so contagious, I found myself listening in on others conversations about what they were about to experience - "I've been waiting for this show all week," says one patron. "I drove in from Hollywood to see this show. I've heard so much about it," says another.  I thought to myself, 'You're in for a great runway experience.' Just like I predicted, when the show began, I sat transfixed in my seat, unable to concentrate on writing, rather, I was left spellbound by the work of these talented, young designers. This year's student designers are: 
Francisco Flores, Jr., 
Danny Godoy,
Hannah Rock,
Sisi (Rychie) Zheng
 Shae Lani,
Alexandra Parel,
Duston Jasso, 
Francesca Lake,Yongjian (Tomy) Huang, and
Eniola Hundeyin (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at An Evening of Textiles at FIDM)

Designer: Francisco Flores, Jr. 
Collection Name: Encore (the response he hopes to evoke from the audience)
Admires: Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane and Miuccia Prada

Francisco Flores, Jr.

Designer: Danny Godoy
Collection Inspiration: A blend of classic looks from the 40s and 50s and showgirl pizazz.
Admires: Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and Christian Dior

Danny Godoy

Designer: Hannah Rock
Collection Inspiration: Contemporary, special occasion womenswear combines sheer fabrics and baroque, metallic embroidery to create an ornate, yet delicate aesthetic.

Hannah Rock

Designer: Sisi (Rychie) Zheng
Collection Inspiration: From China, her works reflects that country's profound history of paper craft and the contrast between curved lines and rigid shapes.
Admires: Jean Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçons

Sisi (Rychie) Zheng

Designer: Shae Lani
Collection Inspiration: Self-exploration and the search for balance in life.

Shae Lani

Designer: Alexandra Parel
Collection Inspiration: She designers wearable art. Her creative instincts also are stoked with more animated stimuli. Her collection juxtaposes crisp and clean with ornate and intricate.

Alexandra Parel

Designer: Duston Jasso
Collection Inspiration: Aquatic Flux - and tells the story of liquid transforming into solid, representing personal growth.

Duston Jasso

Designer: Francesca Lake
Collection Inspiration: Follows the evolution of a woman in bloom. It relies on colors of winter white, salmon, butterscotch and sky blue.
Admires: Elie Saab, Stephane Rolland

Francesca Lake

*My Personal Favorite*
Designer: Yongjian (Tomy) Huang
Collection Inspiration: Ancient Chinese architecture and the influence of Japanese origami.
Admires: Alexander McQueen and John Galliano

Yongjian (Tomy) Huang

Designer: Eniola Hundeyin
Collection Inspiration: The distinct style and matrilineal culture of the Tuareg people of Mali and Niger. That semi-nomadic lifestyle makes comfort a key feature of its apparel with characteristically loosely draped and protective from the elements.
I adored this two-piece by Eniola

Eniola Hundeyin

As many of you know, I am a proud graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. It gives me complete joy to be called upon by my former college to use my writing gift to support the efforts of the talented students who emerge from the fashionable corridors of FIDM. They are, after all, the future of fashion - an industry I've been involved with for over 30 years. FIDM is a private college for specialized professional careers in Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design and Entertainment. The college is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, with other campus location in Orange Country, San Diego and San Francisco. FIDM is also home of Project Runway Junior (the competition series for teenage fashion designers of Lifetime Television), as well previous show airing like Project Runway, and Project Runway: Under the Gunn. FIDM was also featured on MTV's The Hills, starring FIDM student, Lauren Conrad. Some notable FIDM graduates include: Monique Lhuillier (own label), Pamela Skaist-Levy (Co-Designer/Founder of Juicy Couture), Kevan Hall (own label), and Trish Summerville (costume designer for Gone Girl, The Hunger Games).

For more information on FIDM Debut or FIDM, please visit the provided links. And hey, tell them Glenda sent ya {wink}
Stay True,
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