How to be in Harmony with your Wardrobe

I’m a huge proponent of being in harmony with my wardrobe. Persons who have the capability and understanding of doing so demonstrate such a balance between self and wardrobe; with both subjects melding together to form a perfect kinship that tells a beautiful story. There’s a reason why some people wear their clothing with such eloquence. When you spot this type of person, your natural instinct is to watch and examine how they occupy their space with such grace and ease – human conjoined with attire, and reflecting a harmonious self-confidence...(this story continues on Midlife Blvd)

Join me on the corner of True Style Ave and Midlife Blvd 
for the five key elements that will get you to a place of being simpatico with your wardrobe.

Stay True,
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Photos are under the creative direction of FD Harrison


  1. Love these photos, they really do tell the story and make the case for harmony. Balance is always key, and it is good to be aware of what makes us happy. Love the off the shoulder sweater, and the bracelets!
    It is true, I am drawn to women and men, who have a strong sense of style, and self confidence, since the two are so connected.
    xx, Elle

    1. Thank you so much, Elle! These were actually pictures from my Chico's photo shoot. I agree, they really are lovely. I felt so relaxed even with people watching. Mostly because I love being with nature...especially the ocean. Yes, yes, yes, oh how agree with you. When you run across someone with that je ne sais quoi, you can't help but watch them. It's a magical experience.


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