Alley Cat

Last spring, I was invited to witness the fall 2016 Monique Lhuillier catwalk at Fashion Week El Paseo in Palm Desert, California. Of course I accepted the invitation. I'd be a fool not too. Lhuillier is one of the premier designers in the world of fashion, and she happens to be a Los Angeles FIDM grad as well. Anything to support a fellow alumnus...Right? I sat transfixed as I took in her quirky and almost irreverent ready-to-wear collection, but what got my heart pumping were the glittery socks that covered the models feet. Each model slinked down the runway with a mischievous Cheshire grin, while wearing socks which reminded me of sequined pawed feline (click here to go to my Lhuiller post). I was hooked - I had to get me a pair of those socks! STAT.

So, on the hunt I went, skulking through every hosiery department I could find. My search made me feel like a ravenous alley cat in search of his daily ration of food. I clawed my way through every sock display and hosiery bin I could get my paws hands into. My search proved to be quite frustrating. Finally, I made the clever decision to take my search online. Why didn't I think of this before?...And just like that, I typed into my Google search - Sequin Socks - and up popped several. I scoured the options until finally setting my eyes upon the pair I'm wearing for today's look. They're PURRfect for how I envisioned.

I must add, this way of life...or should I say, this look isn't for everyone. The life of a sequined pawed alley cat isn't for the faint of heart. You have to have the nerve to go where no other feline has gone before. This look requires a sense of daring, a willingness to try new things, and the tenacity to climb new territories with your fashion prowess. I hope you enjoy today's look, and I would love to meet you below for a video and to read your comments.

A clever mix of classic meets cool in this audacious mix of good girl gone renegade. Alley cat, indeed. I felt exactly as one while being photographed in this purrfect location. To play with today's style story, I've added subtle hints to enhance my alter-ego...cat-eye sunnies, and a Hello Kitty necklace.  This outfit is a great example of how you can style an outfit around an accessory.

Outfit Details - Sequined Socks: Lord & Taylor; Tie Wrap Belt: Anthropologie (sold out); Hello Kitty necklace: Amazon; Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft (Love the Bayyside by Steve Madden at Nordstrom); Cat eye Sunnies: the Getty Museum Gift shop (Great Cat eye sunglasses at Nordstrom); Tee via Kohl's.



On Friday I had great fun introducing the ladies in the Facebook Group to Herban Body Care. We're sharing our ideas on self care, and the natural, organic products from this company are perfect when you want to give yourself some TLC. During the live presentation, one of the group members won a free product from the company. If you're not a part of the group, I hope you'll consider joining. In the meantime, here is the video from the presentation, and there is still some time for you to take part in the Herban experience - until midnight today (Sunday, November 6, 2016) all of my So What to Twenty friends are entitled to 20% off using the discount code sowhatto20 - Just visit Herban Body Care and enjoy the experience. *Sorry the voice isn't in sync in the video. This was a live presentation so you will see me interacting with people who were joined in*

I hope you enjoyed today's style story as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. Now I'm off to relax and lick my sequined paws and do what other alley cats do to unwind {meow}
Stay True,
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  1. Glenda, I thought of you today when I saw a college co-ed out running. She was in Nike athletic gear. Except for her adorable sequin midcalf socks. They were glinting in the sun and made her look really really tough!

    1. Mithra, you just put a huge smile on my face. Thank you for this story. I could imagine the young lady subscribes to fitness b4 fashion. She'll probably return to housing, and change into her incredible, fashion forward ensemble...unlike most college students, she has to jazz things up a bit :)

  2. Love the sequinned socks with sandals! I always appreciate these quirky details.The rest is classic so this works for everyone, i would think. I like organic skincare product, too, btw.
    Well done!
    xx, Elle

    1. Elle, you are the master of adding touches of quirk. I love quirk, it makes everything so much more entertaining. I remember you doing a few posts on organic skincare. I've given all the other stuff up. I stick with what comes to us naturally and my skin appreciates it.

  3. You know I am one of those faint of heart. But when you do sparkly socks I love it.

    1. Thanks Greetje. We women are usually suckers for all things sparkly :)

  4. That is one of the best things about fashion. When you see something that just speaks to you - or in your case - meows to you. I am all about ankle sox and as always you have styled these perfectly.

    1. I so loved the Lhuillier show, Connie! The socks just elevated the looks to that irresistible quirk I love.

  5. The socks with the sandals are the coolest, Glenda! I thought they were booties at first. You look smashing!

    Thanks for much for joining in the Fun Fashion Friday link up!

    Dawn Lucy


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