Good & Plenty by Tracy Reese

This is a story of love, determination and timing...

About two years ago, I wandered into my local Anthropologie. I didn't have a great deal of money to spend, so I sufficed for a bit of window shopping. For some, window shopping is considered torturous, while for others, it is viewed as therapy. On this day, what was meant to be a day to simply unwind, turned out to be a day of great distress. As I  roamed through the store, I found a variety of items that piqued my interest, however none set my emotions into over-drive like the garment I spotted when I rounded a corner. I set my eyes upon a dress that would go on to haunt me for two years. This was the day I fell deeply in love with a Plenty by Tracy Reese dress - the dress, I lovingly dubbed my Good & Plenty dress. In typical shoppers fashion, I held up the dress to admire the details...a lively, colorful, tribal creation (Sigh). I was in love. I proceeded to search for the price tag in hopes that it would somehow fit into my dollar fantasy. When I turned the tag over...(I'll let you fill-in the reaction). Let's just say, I had to leave the dress behind, but I never forgot it. Life can be terribly unfair at times.

Fast forward two years, the hubs and I decided to spend the day at one of our favorite museums. I didn't have a care in the world until I saw a young woman exit the museum gift shop wearing MY Good & Plenty dress. There it was, on someone else...taunting me. All I could do was stand there and stare at it. When the woman passed near me, I mustered the courage to say, "Nice dress," as I fought back the urge to rip it from her body. I spent the remainder of the day wishing the cute little number was on me. When I returned home that evening, I began my quest in search of MY dress on eBay. Each week, frantically, I searched, I searched, and I searched, until - OH MY GOODNESS, THERE IT IS - MY GOOD & PLENTY DRESS...AND IN MY SIZE AND AT A FRACTION OF THE ORIGINAL COST!!! Without hesitation, I bypassed the bidding options and clicked Buy It Now. Days later the dress arrived, and now I'm doing the happy dance. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll meet you below in the comment section.

I'm now donning my newest eBay acquisition - the dress I swooned over for two years. In it I feel adventurous and sexy as heck. The dress, made of a heavy cotton and a bit of spandex, hugs my body in all the right places, but has just the right amount of give. I feel like myself wrapped in its delight.

Outfit Details - Plenty by Tracy Reese New Moon Dress(some sizes still available);  Caged Sandals by Michael Kors 'Molly' via TJ Maxx; Bracelet is vintage, Clutch is vintage; Medium Basic Sunglasses: Loft, Polish is A-List by essie


I guess the moral of this story is - It was meant to be. My Good & Plenty dress found its way into my life. I'm so pleased. What was once my angst has turned into a story of love, determination, and timing. I'm so thankful I didn't give up, and I'm thankful I didn't snatch the dress off the innocent young woman at the museum. Perhaps she was there as a reminder to never give up {wink}
Stay True,
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Photographs are under the creative direction of F.D. Harrison and are the property of So What to Twenty!



Picture created using the Prisma app. I love the organic quality of how it resembles clay drying in the sun.

Hi Friends,

I woke this past Friday morning with excruciating pain in my lower right back. I was rushed to emergency where several tests were run. However, the tests were inconclusive. In the coming weeks, I will be posting sporadically. Please be patient as I go through further medical testing.

In the meantime, if you missed any of my recent posts, here are the links:
  1. The recap of the Dress for Success fashion show I hosted with Chico's - Destination Chico's: The Catwalk (special addition) 
  2. Rocking a cool pair of readers in the Stand Up to Cancer campaign by eye-bobs - Take a Stand
  3. How today's woman updates her wardrobe at The Modern Woman's Guide to Wardrobe Essentials
  4. Or, how to make an outfit FUN

Also Darlings, I enjoy bringing you interesting documentaries pertaining to the fashion industry. Recently I watched a BBC special on YouTube that gave a behind the scenes glimpse into British Vogue. The film was very similar to Boss Woman, but rather than following Anna Wintour, the film crew focused on British Vogue Editor in Chief, Alexandra Shulman. I was particularly fascinated with the series because my style crush, Lucinda Chambers, is peppered throughout. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue Documentary 2016 BBC

Episode 2: Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue Documentary 2016 BBC

Stay True,
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Photographs are under the creative direction of F.D. Harrison and are the property of So What to Twenty!


Take a Stand

If you read my inspirational memoir, A Place Called Peace, you discovered I lost my beloved mother to pancreatic cancer. My mother was my champion, my mentor, best friend, and the woman who I aspired to become. Though her battle was swift and brutal, she managed to fight cancer with such beauty, dignity, and grace. Her fight left such a heart-wrenching statement on me, in 2007 I felt led to launch a not-for-profit organization called, A Daughter's Heart. After witnessing my mother's inspirational fight, we adopted the tag line - If you have to fight cancer...Fight it beautifully. The mission of the cause was to partner with hospitals to provide love and support (friendship and financial) to women who've heard the unfortunate diagnoses, "You have cancer."

I was finally able to bury my mother in my heart, and I knew she would want me to live my life. I gave up the work of A Daughter's Heart to live my passion of inspiring women through my writing, however never letting go of the desire to uplift and support women in various ways. When I was contacted by eye-bobs to Take a Stand and join Katie Couric, Veronica Webb, Nina Garcia, John Slattery, Bryant Gumbel and others to Stand Up To Cancer, it was met with zero hesitation. Eye-bobs is introducing a limited-edition frame in two colors, “Take A Stand,” to benefit Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C). Co-founded by Katie Couric in 2008, SU2C raises funds for collaborative cancer research that gets new treatments to the patients who need them quickly.  When you purchase a pair of the "Take a Stand" readers, eye-bobs will donate 20% to Stand Up to Cancer, accelerating research into life-saving therapies.

To purchase your "Take a Stand" readers, please click Stand Up to Cancer

Will you #standwitheyebobs and join us to raise funds for life-saving cancer therapies? Thank you.

Stay True,
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Destination Chico's: The Catwalk (Special Addition)

Stop 3: 

The old adage states a leopard can't change its spots. Though the true character of a person can't be changed, it can be set free. What was once held in captivity, is now able to roam places once determined as unsuitable or dangerous...the catwalk. Decades ago I imaged a life filled to the rim with fashion and style. But as the story goes, life somehow took me on a long and twisted journey and far away from the dream.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine my life the way it is this present day - one filled with all the things I'm passionate about. No, this leopard did not change her spots. My spots were unleashed!

Welcome to a special addition of Destination Chico's - my six month journey designed to introduce you to my favorite Chico's looks, and to inspire you to indulge further into exploration of the boutique. In this issue I'm sharing one of my favorite Chico's outfits plus the Chico's Fall Fashion Premier which benefited Dress for Success!

My look for the month is an easy leopard dress with a sixties vibe - a simple 3/4 inch sleeve, mock neck dress with a gentle, A-line shape which easily skims the body. A purrfect dress with the ease and sophistication for many occasions. The entire look was my first look on the catwalk for the 9 to 5 scene. We strutted our way down the runway to Just Fine by Mary J. Blige (click the link to hear the song), which was the perfect song to empower women. I hope you enjoy this feline of a dress which is available on Chico'sdotcom and the boutiques. Please enjoy the entire post and I'll meet you in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Chico's. I received compensation in exchange for sharing with my blog public. Although this post is a partnership, all opinions are my own.



Enjoy the Show!

After all the steadfast work in the past five months, the Chico's Fall Fashion Premier benefiting Dress for Success Riverside was a great success - a boutique filled with participants eager to support the cause, dine a delicious foods, mingle, and of course, shop and view the fashions! 

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Together with the incredible team at Chico's, we were able to create a beautiful event which will plant seeds into the lives of many women who are determined to reach new goals.

The Chico's store managers for the Inland Empire were on hand to support the event

Dress for Success Riverside Board of Directors (Left to Right): President: Carolyn Tackett, Founder: Saneliso Muringani MBA; Gail Ramirez Board Member; Sarah Tompkins: Board Member
Saneliso (Sani) Muringani MBA: Founder - Dress for Success Riverside

Carolyn Tackett: President - Dress for Success Riverside

Chico's District Manager: Marsha Kasianczuk

Sponsor and Food Provider: California Pizza Kitchen

Guest Check-in

Sound Tech: Fred Harrison of the Sound Snob

Guest waiting for the runway show to begin.

Guests eagerly shopped after the show.

This young lady was the winner of the Chico's Door Prize! District Manager, Marsha, helps her reveal the goodies.

On the catwalk with today's Chico's pick!

Another fun look for the catwalk. This one got a lot of cheers!
Wearing the Melissa Fringe Poncho and Petite Destructed Zip Jegging

Chico's Riverside Plaza store manager: Aimee and myself
With two of my friends: Dianne Callahan and Jean Moody

Recognize this dress from Destination Chico's: Boho Lux? Here I am making my speech at the end.

In a time when "reality" television shows cast females in such negative roles, it was absolutely refreshing to be a part of something that was inspirational, and embraced the lovely power of the female spirit. I hadn't walked the catwalk in over twenty years, and I was thankful my strut was brought back to life in a way that would impact the lives of females in a worthy way. Thank you again to Chico's for supporting the endeavors of Dress for Success Riverside. You are Rock Stars! {wink}

Stay True,
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