The Purpose of Butterfly Wings

An excerpt from chapter 6 - A Place Called Peace. Enjoy!

If you find yourself living underneath a dark cloud of low self-esteem - carrying the burden of believing you're not good enough, and forsaking the real you to gain approval from others, then the following information will set you on a path towards peace. 

At the age of 48, I made a public declaration to my blog community of my intent to bravely traverse the difficult emotional terrain that hopefully would lead me to a new understanding of myself, my gifts, and my destiny. In my youth, I had grown quite fond of the mystique and beauty of the butterfly. Perhaps it was happenstance, but a butterfly seemed to appear just before a positive occurrence would take place in my life. Such is the case, when one evening, I decided to scroll through my Instagram feed. I spotted an artist displaying a butterfly tattoo on her back. Fixated on the image, I knew in my heart, seeing the butterfly was not an accident; instead, it triggered emotions deep within me, and set me on the course to opening a new chapter in my life. 

It was during this time of searching for meaning in my life, my natural gifts were clearly identified. I also discovered the scientific purpose of butterfly wings coincided with my own life’s purpose. The discovery was an amazing revelation which quickly unveiled how closely the purpose of butterfly wings paralleled with the human necessity to utilize our own God-given gifts. Here is what I discovered: 

This story continues at Bloom - The Purpose of Butterfly Wings. Click the link and enjoy!

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  1. This had a profound impact this morning as I start my day. All I can say now, except that I have been on the road to healing and it is a difficult journey. Thank you for this post.

  2. Karen, I know you absorbed this chapter when you read the book, but isn't it great how we can re-read and it has an even greater impact? Enjoy the journey, my friend.

  3. Glad to be reminded of this portion of the book, it was the most moving and inspirational! Thanks for sharing it. happy Easter!
    xx Elle

    1. Hi Elle, I often remind myself of this aspect of my book as well.


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