A Greater Purpose

"When you have a great pain - you need a greater purpose."

Below is a picture of my beloved Mother, and myself at the age of 21. My mom fought a brave fight against pancreatic cancer. She fought hard and she fought it with such a beautiful spirit. She passed away on March 8, 1995. "When you have a great pain - you need a greater purpose." In a strange way, losing my mother saved my life. I launched a non profit in her memory to support women fighting cancer. By doing so, I began to realize who I am. I was once buried in self-doubt. Forming this cause opened my eyes to an entirely different Glenda. My mother was my best friend, mentor and woman who I aspire to become. Not a day goes by without me missing her dearly. In honor of International Women's Day, I celebrate my mother - 
Verlene Mixon

Stay True,
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  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your mom. Beautiful picture. You look so much the same and your mom was a lovely woman. I remember the story well from your book. What a lesson for those times in life when we suffer hesrtbreak. I am saving the quote.

  2. A great Tribute to your Mom and I love the picture in the gallery and the young lad taking a photo. The memories of the good times will live forever. Life is short, enjoy each & every moment. . .

  3. I bet she would have been very proud of you and the person whom you have become.

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your mother Glenda. I have never heard that quote, "When you have great pain - you need a greater purpose". So true and so powerful. It is true that pain forces you to dig deep and change is inevitable. I'm always inspired by your posts. THANK YOU.



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