Soul Food: In the Garden

Hello My Friends!

If your soul is in need of nourishment to get you through the week and beyond, here is a post I believe you'll enjoy - a nostalgic story that parallels our life journey with time spent IN THE GARDEN. I wrote the piece yesterday, after spending time working in the yard - weeding, cutting, digging and pruning. After the work was complete, I sat and pondered how the time spent in the garden was directly related to the work that needed to be done in my mind. It had, in fact, become over-grown with weeds that were choking my thoughts and creativity. I hope it'll inspire you. If the weather permits, I should be back with another style story on Thursday. In the meantime, click the live links and I'll meet you at Bloom.

Stay True,
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  1. Oh Glenda, we have so much in common! I have my garden too and I love gardening not only for growing plants and then watching them bloom but also because when I work in the garden I have time for my thoughts. I love how you described the 'garden of your thoughts', it's so close to what I have in my mind. Love, Mag.

  2. I am a gardener myself Glenda, mostly for the time it affords me to think while I dig and tug out weeds. It is one of the things I do that centers me. Since no one I know wants to participate (!!!!), this is alone time for me and I treasure it. Weeding out negative thoughts? Definitely! And there is the little bonus of standing up, stepping back and seeing what you've accomplished. I don't see a down side to being out in the garden and I honestly can't wait until I can do it again. Currently my gardens are buried under way too much snow for my liking (negative thought? Hmmmm....), but I did see my crocuses bloom several weeks ago and the tulips and daffodils are sending up shoots. Maybe spring will arrive yet! Enjoyed the post!

  3. Love this story! I also admire your Bloom site, Glenda! How do you manage all of this..Oh, I know a labor of love, just like your garden, the toil, the dirt, but the end results: hummingbirds, blossoms, nectar, buds! Superbly done!
    xx, Elle


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