You Decided - The Best of 2015!

I know I said I would be back for a new fashion post on December 28th. However those plans have changed. I have decided to take the remainder of the year off to enjoy the Holidays with my family. This woman works hard and I need a break. In the meantime...

With the year coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to revisit this years looks. Rather than posting numerous pictures, this time I've decided to group the posts into categories. This way, it will be easier for you to navigate through the posts. The lead picture for each category is the look that received the highest number of page views for that particular section. And since there were so many different looks for 2015, I decided to simply add the link. I also highlighted my favorite for each section. There may be duplicates in with some post because they fit with multiple categories. I must say, I had a fun time with fashion this year. As many of you know, this was an exciting year filled with many accomplishments and upgrades - I hope my fashion choices proved how thrilled I was with 2015. Enjoy! 

Best Use of Color
 *Highest Page Views in this category*
  Optimistic (second highest)
Flower Power (my favorite)

Retro Inspired
*Highest Page Views in this category*
Black Down Memory Lane
Different (second highest)
Time (my favorite)

Strike a Pose
This category features looks where I enjoyed posing.
*Highest Page Views in this category*
The Rancher (second highest)
Freedom (pic #2)
To the Max (pic #1)
Inspired by...The Row (my favorite. Pic #1)
Real (pic #5)
Time (pic #5)
Bend it Fashionably Like Beckham (pic #5 leaning on stair rail)
Innovative (pic #5 leaning on brick wall)
One Bold Move (Pic #8 also the most daring outfit)

The Great Southwest
*Highest Page Views in this category*
The Rancher (my favorite)
  Inspiration (second highest and tie for being my favorite)

 Best Use of Accessories
*Highest Page Views in this category*
All are my favorite. I'm a sucker for accessories!
Island Fever (second highest)

 The Little White Shirt
If you've been following me for some time, you know I LOVE white shirts.
*Highest Page Views in this category*
Pretty (second highest and my favorite)

The 2000+ Page View Club
These posts received the highest number of hits. 
*Highest Page Views in this category*
Blaire & I

And to end the year on a humorous note - Let's give praise to all the husbands who work tirelessly behind the scenes taking pictures...and perhaps a bit a lot of eye-rolling; here is a video that I'm sure you will love.

Happy Holidays and New Year!
Glenda & Fred (your So What to Twenty team)

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All Photographs taken by Freddy and are the property of So What to Twenty!


  1. You look fantastic in every single outfit! Happy holidays, Glenda, and enjoy your break. The video is hilarious. :)

  2. Oh, that youtube is sooooo funny! Loved your wrap-up post for 2015!

  3. Enjoy you Holidays with the Fam and I look forward to more Glenda in 2016. . .

  4. I don't think I have seen you in an outfit I did not like. Which is rare as you cannot please everyone all the time. Perhaps there was one I liked less, but really, you are so good. Which is why I like all the choices for this post.
    The video I saw at another blog and I thought it was hilarious too.
    Have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic 2016.

  5. I love all of them, but the blue/green dress. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! Happy New Year Glenda! xx

  6. Wow! So many great looks Glenda. I love that maxi dress and I actually thought about ordering it this past summer. It looks great on you. I took a two month blog break, so I am catching up on your posts:-)


    1. The maxi is such a great piece. I enjoy wearing it, and each time I do, I get loads of compliments. Welcome back!


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