Bloom: Step Away

Bloom is an opportunity to Inspire, Live and Grow in areas of personal growth, inner beauty, and living whole. Each time you visit Bloom, I want you to feel as if you stepped into your favorite spa and treated yourself to a massage (smile). 

There's a new post over at GlendaKHarrison.com on Bloom. Stop by for your weekly massage, and read why it is necessary to Step Away.

Stay True,
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  1. You have such a wise husband. Of course you do. He married YOU. And by the way, schlump is an actual word. It's Yiddish and you used it correctly! Though I would honestly have to say that I can't imagine that you posses even the teensiest bit of schlumpiness.

  2. Enjoy your time away Glenda. I can totally relate to you wanting to stay under the covers and not come out. We are pulled in so many directions. Your husband's advice is wise. So important to recharge. I find when I do, I come back refreshed and inspired. See you in the New Year!



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